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Two additional grandchildren have been added since I wrote these stories:
Ian Jones and Thanial Kerruish
And now there is a Great Granddaughter - Emma Amelia Salazar


Tigger tails began one day in 2000 when I was cleaning the bird feeders.

Tigger was excited by the fuss the birds were making in the back yard because the feeders were not where they should be and full of food. Tigger was dashing back and forth between doing figure eights around my ankles and the screen at the sliding door into the back yard. My weird imagination came into play and I could not resist concocting a dialog between the two of us.

When the chore was completed and the birds quietly eating I put the "conversation" to paper and thought it might be of interest to my grandchildren. And that is how "Tigger Tails" was born. I chose the spelling for Tails because with cats it is the tail that tells the tale.

My method of writing is as follows. I see something that triggers a dialog. I start writing according to the event. As the dialog progresses it sort of grows from what Tigger says and what I say in response with no plan for the story or knowledge of how it will end.

I usually included a zinger delivered by Tigger at my expense and never knew what that would be until the last bit of dialog had grown from everything before. I don't think I could plan out the story and write it. I don't think it would flow properly. That is just my way to write and it seems to work... sort of.

There are 81 stories plus some letters following the demise of Tigger.

I hope those who read these find some enjoyment from them.

Grandad Leroy Jones

Tigger Jones

Tigger Soccer

As very young kitten Tigger was always eager to chase and attack anything and everything. We played with his toys and all sorts of things, like plastic jars with little things inside... and a Nerf Soccer ball. Once he was introduced to the soccer ball he becamealmost... well... actually very obsessive. It didn't take him long to learn "soccer". If we were in the house and I said "soccer" or "Do you want to play soccer?" he would run down the hall and hide in the doorway to my bedroom. I would kick the soft Nerf soccer ball down the hall and he would spring out to attack the ball.

Once he was big enough to go outside he loved for me to throw the soccer ball for him and he would turn inside out and upside down to catch and attack it.

Click on the icon below to enjoy a slide show of Tigger playing soccer.


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Watching Tigger grow Tigger sleeping Tigger climbing trees

Now, just sit back and let Tigger tell you how it was.
Tigger Soccer


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