Tigger with EricaAn introduction to young Tigger Jones might be in order at this time. Let's start at the very beginning which happens to be on 23 May in the year 2000. The blessed event came to pass at the house of Erica Braden in Gruetli-Laager, TN. His mom is named Missy and he has a sibling, a girl kitten, named Precious.

Both his mom and sister are bob tail cats whereas Tigger is the proud owner of a full tail which he has the habit of attacking at odd moments... it seems to always be hanging around back of him and he attacks first and asks questions afterwards.


PreciousTigger and precious began life in normal enough fashion with the minor exception of confusion over not being quite sure if they were cat babies or kangaroo babies. This minor problem was eventually resolved due in no small part to the fact that the kittens grew and the boots did not. However, to this very day Tigger is obsessed with shoe laces. He will remove shoe laces from shoes to play with them if given the slightest opportunity.

Tigger eagerly (?) participated in games of dress-up and spent his waking time playing and exploring. His mom spent lots of time showing him how to keep himself clean and do things the way cats are supposed to do things. Of course he spent an awful lot of time eating and sleeping and growing... kittens do that sort of thing.

With his motherHis mom is a very good mother cat. She made sure that both of the kittens were litter box trained and had learned to mind... well sort of...

He spent his first seven weeks in the tender loving care of Erica and his mom, growing up healthy and full of all the stuff kittens are supposed to be full of.

Of course the time came for Tigger to make his own way in the world and this is the time that the paths of Tigger and Roy Jones came together. That was indeed a special day for both of them.

The following stories are all based on actual events in the lives of Tigger and Roy Jones as they make their way through life together. There may be some slight embellishment of the conversations that ensued but in general the flavor of the events is preserved.

The perfect kitten


Tigger was very much
The Perfect Kitten

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