Letter 1

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Dear Tigger Tail fans,

It is now official, Tiny is staying. She is such a wonderful addition to the household! Tigger has finally figured out that she is kinda nice and fun to play with. They tussle with each other with Tiny playing Kato to Tigger's Inspector Clouso (sp?). Tigger can never tell when Tiny will attack out of nowhere and then they are off on a tear!

It amazes me that something as little as Tiny (or any other small animal) will run up to us so eager and trusting. We are like a nine or ten story building in size to them. I don't see myself running up to another creature ten stories taller than me and trusting they would take care of me. Tiny is so loving it seems she can't get close enough when she snuggles against my neck to take a kitten nap. I worry she will press so hard against me she will cut the blood flow to my head!

My computer is more or less down and has been for well over a week. I am waiting for a new hard drive to arrive. I ordered one and received it in very short order but it was bad so I am still waiting for a good one to arrive. Once in hand the installation of everything will take a couple of days. For now, I have a few things working so that I can get a little bit done. There is so much to be done.

The rain is keeping the roof work on hold. Only 144,000 more inches of rain and we will be in big trouble up here on the mountain. At the rate it has been raining we may get it this afternoon! We had one of the worst thunderstorms I have ever seen about mid week. Tigger and Tiny were in a panic. They didn't know where to go. It was all I could do to keep them from total panic. The house was shaking like crazy with each clap of thunder, like we were at ground zero for an artillery barrage. There was no damage around that I have found except shattered nerves.

Tiny went to the Vet's again yesterday for the last of her basic shot series. I will start taking her outside on a leash and harness now. I will use the one I made for Tigger. I hope she is easier to get it onto than Tigger was. He hated it!

Tigger got his one year checkup and shots last week. In fact, it may have been the fact that he didn't feel very well after the shots that made the change in the relationship between the two of them. He was not aggressive and they ended up getting along OK. After he felt better he just continued to accept her better. It has gotten better still,

day by day. I am so glad because I really didn't want to give up Tiny. She is such a good little kitten, and so full of life. I think Tigger is now seeing her as interesting to have around instead of as an intruder.

Take care and love to all,

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