Letter 4

Sunday, October 7, 2001

Dear Tigger Tail fans,

Interesting things continue to happen with Tigger and Tiny. One such event occurred several days ago when Tiny came bombing into the house and ripped around the corner into the hall and then into the bathroom. I went to find out what on earth she was up to. She was using her litter box! Like the kid she is, she had waited too long and just barely made it to her litter box in time. But, she had come in from the yard to do it!

Late in the day I went out with Tigger and Tiny and took them about half way to the back of the yard. I asked Tigger to teach Tiny to go potty in the yard. I was amazed when he promptly did #1 and she did the same. Then he did #2 but she didn't follow his example. Tigger tried to pin her down with his mouth on the back of her neck but she had no intention of doing it. He was really frustrated with her! She still uses her litter box rather than the yard but I feel certain Tigger will stay with it until he teaches her to use the yard.

Yesterday I went into the yard with them again and went near the woods at the back of the yard which is almost an acre in size. Tigger kept chasing Tiny back to the house until it finally dawned on me that he did not agree with me that she was ready to go near the woods just yet. I finally agreed with him and thanked him for his concern for Tiny's safety. He responded by rubbing against my leg. He is a great ‘parent' figure for her. Now I know why she is always close to the house... Tigger is keeping her close.

They still have a go at each other from time to time but less frequently as time goes by. They groom each other, eat together... sometimes out of the same bowl and sleep snuggled together at times. All in all, they now seem comfortable with each other.

Tiny is fascinated with running water. She loves to play with a trickle of water in the tub. She can't quite figure it all out so she turns her head to one side so that her brain is concentrated on one side to increase it's reasoning power and studies it for long periods of time. She is very inventive in her methods
of drinking from the faucet.

She is slowly cleaning the yard for me, bringing in little chips of wood, leaves, clumps of dead grass, crickets, moths and who knows what else. All I have to do is clean up what she brings in but doesn't eat. What a wonderful helper she is! I don't know what I would do without her!

Take care... love to all,

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