Letter 5

Monday, December 3, 2001

Dear Tigger Tail fans,

All is well on the South Cumberland Plateau. We are still here. Things have been hectic, what with computer problems and getting Christmas gifts made (which require the computer) as well as preparations for a quick trip down south in mid month.

Tigger and Tiny are getting along just fine. They still tussle and chase each other but it is all in fun now. They spend a lot of time playing and hunting in the yard and woods together.

In the house, they do an awful lot of sleeping. Usually they each stake out a place in different parts of the house but some time they nap together. These are the times I like best. It makes me feel so good to see them nestled together and sleeping soundly. It also makes me a little easier about leaving them here by themselves while I am on trips.

The next trip is a week and a day to Florida and Georgia to visit my two sons, both brothers and my Aunt Kitty. I will be seeing other loved ones as well, of course, along the way.

Take care... love to all,

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