2. The intelligence of a lawn mower

Watching the back yardI cut the grass early to beat the heat... at least the worst of it. After resting in front of the fans for a little I noticed Tigger at the screen in the dining room. As I often do I went and lay on the floor next to him to watch the goings on in the yard. We watched in silence for awhile.
"I love the way the lawn looks when it is freshly cut, don't you?" I asked.

His tail shot up in response to my voice. "Yes. I watched you cut the grass you know."

"I saw you."

"Aren't you scared of that thing?" his ears flattened as he contemplated the dangers ofStudying the back yard' the noisy mechanical monster.

"The lawnmower? No. Why?"

"It is awfully noisy and it cuts things." he answered.

"Well, I am smarter than the lawnmower so it doesn't scare me."
He thought for a little while. "I am smarter than you and the lawn... whatever." he said, his ears now back upright.

"Oh? How do you figure that?"

"Well, who is cutting the grass and who is playing?"


Always playing"To who?" his head tipped to one side.

"Not to anyone. Touche. It means that I acknowledge you scored on me. It is what they say in fencing when their opponent scores a hit on them."
"We don't have a fence." he observed.

"Not that kind of fence. Fencing is sword fighting." How do I keep getting in these conversations? Things get tangled so quickly I completely lose control.


"You know Tigger, you have little tufts of hair on the tips of your ears. Do you have lynxPlaying without end in your ancestors?"

"Of course I have links in my ancestors. Isn't that what ancestors are... links?"

"No, no, no. Not ‘l-i-n-k-s', ‘l-y-n-x'. A lynx is a cat. A wild cat. Come to think of it, you are pretty wild sometimes yourself. Let me show you in the book."

I got the book on animals down and looked up Lynx and showed him the picture.

"That cat needs a haircut on his ears! I don't look like that do I?"

His favorite climbing tree"Not that much but there is a little tuft of hair on each ear. Would you like me to cut it off?"

"No way! I am perfect just the way I am! Look, the Bob cat has the same thing on it's ears and it has a tail. The Lynx doesn't have a tail."

"Don't forget your mom and sister don't have tails either.

"Oh yeah. I forgot."

We lay there in silence thinking our own thoughts and watching life in the yard for awhile.

"You know, it sure is nice having someone so smart to converse with." I said.

His ears pointed forward and his tail shot straight up, "Thanks. I wish I could say theA well deserved rest same."

"Hey! Wait a minute....."

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