10. All you need to know about bugs and windshields

He loves to rideTigger and I were on the way to Altamont to check our mail. That's right, our mail, Tigger has gotten a letter of his own. As we drove along there was a 'smack' as a large bee splatted on the windshield right in front of Tigger as he lay on his perch.

"Wow! Did you see that?" he asked.


"That thing that flew into the glass thingy."

What was that?"You mean 'windshield'?"

"Whatever... did you see it. It was really flying fast!" he said.

"Actually it wasn't flying very fast at all. It just seemed like it was because we are going almost 55 MPH. Even if it wasn't moving at all it would seem like it was flying at 55 MPH."

"It's a matter of physics. We haven't gotten to physics. You aren't quite ready for that yet. Anyway, it really just looks like it was flying fast. Sorry about that but I can't keep from hitting bugs that are in the way of the truck. It isn't very fair for the bugs but nothing I can do about it."

"Sure made a mess on the wind... thingy."

A little breakWe continued in silence, each lost in our own thoughts. He watched for more bugs and obviously seemed to be trying to.

understand how they could appear to fly so fast when they really were just hanging in the air.

Tigger groomed himself and roamed around on his perch but kept an eye on the windshield in case there was another bug splat. Sure enough, there was another one right in front of him.

"Hey! There goes another of those fisiky things!" he exclaimed.

"Fisiky things?"

"Oh... you mean physics? Yes that was another physics thing you might say. That was a real big bug. Did you see it before it hit the windshield?"

"I sure did. I still say it looks like the bug was flying real fast. Wish I could run that fast."

"You can run plenty fast you know. You are getting very strong and fast. I would hate to have you hunting me. I bet you could do a number on a mouse or bird."

"Just let me at one and I will show you what I can do."

"The way you play ball with me you have already shown me. You are really good at catching the ball even when it is in the air."

Isn't he good looking?All this talk about how fast and strong he is had him admiring his reflection in the window. He reached out with a paw and patted the glass. He sat extra straight and ran a paw through his whiskers. I couldn't help admiring him. He is such a good looking cat... and he knows it.

"I feed you all you can eat. Why would you want to eat a mouse or bird?"

"I think it would be so much more fun to chase and catch something to eat, don't you?"

"Well now how can I help you with that little problem... hey... I know how I could make your eating more exciting. I could throw you food for you to chase..."

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