11. Caught by the nap attack

Watching the yardThis morning Tigger was in the dining room at the screen in the sliding door, watching things in the back yard. All of a sudden he dashed across the dining room and living room to his bed. I have made a little bed for him next to my chair. He uses it often, usually climbing into the little hollow I made for him and kneading it to get it just right before he grooms himself and then falls asleep. This time he must have had a nap attack hard on his heels because he dashed across the two rooms, jumped into the bed and fell asleep immediately. He often gets caught out in the open or in odd corners or locations like the tub or sink or in a doorway. This time he was obviously determined to make it to his little bed. I let him sleep and just enjoyed the many positions he got into as he slept and listened to the little noises he makes.

Interesting positionSeveral hours later he slowly began to wake up. He began by shifting positions and stretching out, his eyes beginning to open... a little. Eventually he opened his eyes and looked at me then winked. He often does when he is trying to wake up.

"Good afternoon Tigger. Did you have a good nap?"

He was still stretching and trying to figure out whether he could get away with stretching on the easy chair. He finally decided that I was too attentive for the moment so he used the carpet instead. All of a sudden he noticed a tail, that seems to follow him everywhere, and attacked it ending up grooming it for a little while.

And another one"I don't remember. I was asleep." he finally replied.

"What made you make a mad dash for your bed? Was a nap attack after you?"

"It sure was. I thought it would catch me this time. I almost didn't make it. Nap attacks can be real fast you know. Especially if you are playing and not paying much attention. They are real sneaky... they just sneak up on you."

"What on earth was so interesting that you didn't see the nap attack sneaking up on you?"
"Oh, you know. There are lots of interesting things going on in the yard almost all the time. There was that cat from next door stalking voles again. I was trying to see if it caught one. All of a sudden I realized the nap attack was almost on me."

"Did the other cat catch a vole?"

"I don't know. Not before I left. I saw it catch one the other day. Sure would like to catch one myself you know."

"Maybe one of these days. What do you plan to do now?"

And... another"I was thinking of getting something to eat and then taking a little trip around the house. You know, make sure nothing has changed. I have to check from time to time just to make sure nobody messes with my stuff... except you of course. I don't mind too much when you mess with my toys."

He spent the better part of the next hour roaming around the house. He went into, around, under, over everything he could. He sniffed at everything he could reach. Of course, he paused from time to time to attack that pesky tail that always seems to be behind him. Eventually he came back to the living room and was walking across the room. I couldn't help myself... I called to him.

"Watch out behind you Tigger!"

He stopped, spun around on his tip toes, back hunched and tail down. His head was upside down. He was ready to defend himself as he danced around on his toes.

"What? What?" he asked.

"I thought I saw another nap attack sneaking up on you." I said.

"Not funny!" he said as he continued on to his bed. He got onto his bed, kneaded it and lay down to groom his hind leg. He shot me a dirty look as his eyes slowly closed... the nap attack got him... again.

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