17. Early to rise

Tigger rousted me out of bed as usual. I resisted as long as I could but finally gave in and got up. I refreshed his food and water bowls and put some pumpkin out for him and then got my breakfast. Then I checked my e-mail and the morning comics on the web. A new day had started.

Might as well get some work done since I was up so I edited pictures from one and a half floppies and stored them on the hard drive.

In my lapI noticed Tigger sitting watching me, a sure sign he wants me to settle down on the recliner so he could get on my chest for a nap. I marked my place on the proof sheet and got comfortable on the recliner. Tigger bounded onto my chest immediately and sat for me to stroke him. This cat is really spoiled! Obviously someone is sneaking in behind my back and spoiling him.

He finally settled down to take a short nap. I looked beyond him to the clock on the wall. It wasn't even 6:30 yet and it seemed like I had been up half a day! Why does he wake me up so early just so that I will end up in the chair for him to sleep on? Boy is he spoiled!

Eventually he woke up. He continued to lay on my chest with his purr motor going full blast.

"Why do you like to sleep on my chest?" I asked.

With his mom"I like hearing your heart beating while I sleep. I reminds me of cuddling up to mom when I was a little kitten." he said.

As he mentioned his mom he couldn't help adjusting himself to a more dignified position.

"I bet those were good times. Do you miss the good old days very much?"

"They were really good times. She took such good care of us you know."

"I know. I watched her. Is that why you like for me to stroke your head and cheeks?"

Still with his mom"It sure is. It reminds me of her licking me. Would you mind licking me that way?"

"Well... I love to stroke you but I don't know about licking you like she did. I guess that would be nice for you but I might have trouble with hair balls you know."

"Oh... well, just keep stroking me... if you don't mind."

Spoiled!!! How could someone have gotten in to spoil him without me seeing them?

At screenAfter awhile we got up and went to the screen at the sliding door in the dining room. We watched the back yard for some time and there wasn't much going on. Very few birds feeding these days and the woodchuck hasn't been out for some time either. I noticed a little activity near the last of the flowers.

"Oh, look. Butterflies." I said to him.

"Flies that drop things?" he asked.

"No. Why?"

"You called me butter paws when I didn't catch the ball the other day. Isn't that why they are called butterflies?"

"Not exactly. They are just called that. It's their name. Don't you see them. They have really big wings for very little bodies don't they?"

"Oh yeah. I see them, I could catch them. They fly real slow."

"Do you ever think about anything but catching things?"

"No, what else is there to think about?"


"Like what?"

"Ah... umm... let me think. That's a nice subject for a cat to think about but you could think about how pretty the butterflies are. How nice the birds sing... you know, things like that."

Up the screen"I do. I think about how nice the birds sound... it helps me locate them better. The butterflies are pretty, the way their pretty colors contrast with the grass and trees makes them easy to see."

"That isn't what I meant. I meant you could think about how pretty they are and all just because it is nice to see and hear pretty things... isn't it?"

"If it helps you locate them... yes."

"I give up! You are impossible!"

"I thought I was a cat."


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