19 What a Titmouse is

Watching birdsTigger ran to the screen in the dining room showing great interest in something in the back yard. I ran to see what it was. The cat that hunts voles and mice in our back yard was back looking for a snack. Tigger tried and tried to get it to come over and say 'Hi' but he didn't respond. He just sat under the bird feeder like Tigger and I weren't even there.

"Talk to him Tigger. See if you can get him to come over. I have called and called and he just looks at me and doesn't move." I said.

"What do you think I've been doing. He doesn't do anything for me either. That is very rude don't you think?" he said as he did his best to make contact with the cat.

"It is rude. He's hunting in your yard and won't show the courtesy of paying his respects to you. Maybe his mom didn't teach him good manners like yours did for you.'

Again, with the mention of his mom, Tigger straightened up a little. His mom made a lasting impression on him.

TitmouseAs we watched the cat in the yard a titmouse landed on the feeder near the screen. I said "There's a titmouse."

"There you go again. I know a mouse when I see one and that is a bird. You are messing with my mind again. That is not a mouse at all... it's a bird."

"Right. It is a bird. A titmouse is a bird... not a mouse. Just another name that sounds like one thing but is another. I think that's nice sometimes, don't you?"

"No! It's confusing. Of course I'm interested in mice and birds so this one doesn't bother me too much. There is a difference in how I react though." he said as he practiced pouncing and leaping.

"Yes, I can see what you mean. Anyway, there it goes. It's taking a sunflower seed back to the woods. I wonder where it's taking it. It seems late for any small birds in the nests. Maybe it has a friend in the woods it is taking a snack to."

The cat left it's hunting position and started around the house. Tigger raced to the back door to see if he would come around that far. He did. He looked at Tigger at the back door screen but once again refused to pay his respects. It went on through the carport.

"Boy, his mom didn't do a very good job raising him did she?" Tigger said as he tried to keep the cat in view.

"No, she didn't. You wouldn't be that rude would you?"

"No way! I know better than that. My mom made sure of that." he said as he adjusted his posture again as he mentioned his mom.

"What would you do if you caught a vole or mouse?" I asked.

AttackHe ran to his stuffed bear that is about the size of a mouse. He pounced on it and flipped, ending up on his back with the bear between all four paws. His back paws were working it over and he was chewing to beat the band. He got up and carried it in his mouth to the corner of the dining room and continued to chew on it.

"I see. Nice demonstration Tigger. I think that would do it very well. Did your mom teach you to do that?"

He adjusted his posture again at the mention of his mom and said "I don't think so. I think I figured it out for myself. I'm smart enough to do that you know." he said as he continued to roll and flip with the bear in his mouth.

"Your are indeed. I don't know that I have ever known a smarter cat than you."

"Of course. There aren't any cats smarter than me... or people either."

"Maybe I should amend that to 'smart aleck'...."

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