21 Tigger as a Tiger

In my lapI sat in my chair reading when all of a sudden there appeared on my chest a cat. It was as though he appeared out of thin air. He nuzzled my nose with his cheeks and his purr motor was going full speed. It all took me by surprise as he had been wandering all over the house acting very restless. I didn't even know he was in the living room.

"Hi! Where did you come from?" I asked.

On my tummy"You know where I came from. Down the road at Erica's house." he replied.

"That isn't what I was asking.... oh, never mind. What have you been so restless about this morning. I haven't seen you this restless in quite some time."

"That cat was in our yard again and wouldn't come over to say 'Hi'. I wish he would. The birds are not happy either. Not many of them around now but the ones that are here are not at all happy."

"Why is that?" I asked as I lightly rubbed his cheeks. He obviously liked how it felt, his front paws were kneading my chest.
"You haven't put food out for them lately."

"They will find food the way they used to before I put feeders out. There are so few these days that the food would go bad before they ate it once it got wet. They will be just fine. If I keep feeding them they may not go where they should for the winter."

"Can't you keep feeding them, I would like to have them stay here for the winter... I sure will miss them."

A mighty lion"I know why you want them to stay. It wouldn't do you any good. I don't want you eating them. They are nice birds." I said.

"I know, I can tell they would be very nice." he said as he unconsciously licked his chops.

"That isn't what I meant and you know it." I said as he settled down on my stomach. He was facing up to my face and very contented. I couldn't help but see a resemblance to a Bengal tiger. His head is broad and full, his neck thick over a broad chest. His front legs are thick and strong with broad paws. His coloration is close to that of a Bengal tiger only far less contrast in the patterns and not quite the same colors.

"You look like a Bengal tiger." I said.

His eyes were shut as he enjoyed the rubbing he was getting but they shot open when I spoke.

"A what? Are you calling me names?"

"Not at all. A Bengal tiger is a very large cat that lives in the jungles. They are very powerful cats and even sometimes attack people."

"Like I attack you sometimes?"

"Much worse. A Bengal tiger would be bigger than me and could easily kill me."

"He better not! I would take care of him if he tried." he said as he sat back up and flexed his strong muscles and bared his teeth.

"I appreciate that. I bet the sight of you would send him running for his life."

"I know." he said as he preened himself and looked very self satisfied. I guessed that if it ever came to that he would make a good showing for himself. He certainly didn't lack confidence in himself.

"You are a good cat." I said as I started rubbing his cheeks again.

"I know." he said... not spoiled... not this cat.

In truck"Are you ready to make a run to the Post Office?"

"I am always ready to go for a ride in the truck. Can we go somewhere else after the Post Office?"

"Sure, why not. Where do you want to go?"

"I don't care. I just like riding in the truck. Besides, I don't know where anything is. I sort of like going to drop off the trash. Where else is there to go?"

"Lots of places. We could go to the clinic, maybe get you some more shots..."

"Uh... no thanks. I like the people there but the shots aren't much fun. That is a long trip and I sleep most of the way anyway. Let's go somewhere else." he said as he pulled away from my fingers working on his cheeks. He was ready to get going.

On the way to the Post Office I saw a dog near he road up ahead.

"Dog alert!" I said as I always did when I had grandchildren along.

"What do you mean?" he asked as he danced around on his perch over the passengers seat.

"See. There is a dog up ahead on the side of the road."

"Why did you say 'dog alert' though?"

One of his favorite things to do "When I have grandchildren with me and see anything they might want to look at I would say 'dog alert' or 'cow alert' or whatever. Then they would know to look for what ever it was."

"Goose alert!" he yelled.

"Where? Where? I don't see any goose. Where is the goose?" I asked as I looked all around for a goose but found none.

"Driving this truck....."

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