23 As the tree turns

We were on our way back from the Post Office when I noticed the trees are beginning to turn. It looks like it will be a good year for Fall colors.

"Look Tigger. The trees are turning." I exclaimed.

He sat up and look all around. "Where? They are all just sitting there. I don't see any trees turning."

"Look at that one there. It's changing color."

"I know... but it's still just sitting there."

"OK... OK... you're right. The trees are not turning around but they are changing color. We call that 'turning' like 'the trees are turning Fall colors'."

"They aren't falling either. Just sitting there and changing color as far as I can see."

"Fall is a part of the year. Like Winter and Spring and Summer. You have only seen Summer and now it is turning Fall. In the Fall the trees change... turn... pretty colors. Don't you think the color is pretty?"

"I guess. But they still aren't turning or falling.... just sitting there."

"You are impossible. You remind me of myself with my grandchildren. Come to think of it I now know why they always say 'Grandfathers don't know anything'. I don't blame them now. Do you do that on purpose like I do with my  grandchildren?"

"Do what...?"

"Never mind."

We got home and I let Tigger out of the truck to run free. He looked lost and didn't leave the step after I went inside. Finally I went outside so that he would be comfortable ranging farther afield.

I had work to do to be prepared for winter and got busy on it. I was going in and out of the house. I finally went looking for Tigger to bring him in but couldn't find him. After searching the yard and around the house I went to the back door to go back in... there Tigger was... waiting to go in. I realized that I can now let him out on his own and he will hang around and let me know when he is ready to come in. Later I let him out again. He had no problem going on out on his own this time. I saw him hanging around the carport mostly but definitely not ready to come in. After about two hours I went to find him and as I went out two cats ran from under the truck. Tigger had a friend with him already.

They went into the yard next door and Tigger was trying to get close to the other cat, an adult, who didn't want him too close. Meanwhile, two other cats were in the yard. I left them to their fun and went back in. About an hour later I tried to find him but found no sign of him. I went back in and figured he would show sooner or later. Sure enough, not long after I went in he was at the door and ready to come in. I now know I can let him out with few worries.

He came up to visit after I had settled in my chair. He stuck his face into mine and started kneading my chest. I kissed his nose. He likes that sometimes. His purr motor was racing at full speed.

"Well... welcome back. Did you have a good time with all the cats?" I asked.

"Oh yes! That was great! Thanks for letting me out like that. That is a lot of fun being out on my own." He danced around on my chest, very animatedly.

"I thought you were responsible enough to handle it and it seems you are. You did a good job of staying close and returning home. It makes me feel real good and very proud of you. I know your mother would be proud of you too."

He straightened up at the mention of his mom. "She would, wouldn't she. I wish I could find her and tell her."

"Keep your eyes open for her. She probably comes around here now and again."

"You think so? I would love to see her again." he unconsciously looked all around.

"That was quite a day you had today. An awful lot of new things happened to you. Did you get the names of all those cats?"

"No. They weren't real friendly yet. I will get them to like me soon though. They just don't know what a great cat I am... yet."

"Don't have too much of an attitude with them if you want them to like you. I know you are a great cat, you know you are a great cat, but those other cats don't want you showing off for them."

"OK. I will go easy on them... for awhile."

I was proud of him. He is really growing up fast. "Young man, you are really growing up fast. I am so proud of you!" I said.

He unconsciously straightened up then looked around sheepishly and noticed my grin as I watched him.. "Uh... you sounded like my mom..."

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