25 A kitty door... at last

Today I cut one panel of screen in the back door so that Tigger can go in and out at will. He is learning to use it... slowly. It is hard for him to see something in his way and realize he can push against it and go on through. He is learning though. I heard him crying and went to show him again how to come in only to find he was inside. He now enjoys total freedom, he has earned it by being responsible with the freedom I have given him. I'm very proud of him.

"Well, Tigger. How do you like being able to go in and out anytime you want?" I asked one time as he came back in after just having gone out.

"I like it! This is great! Thanks for making the door for me." he said as he did figure 8's around my ankles. Suddenly he caught sight of a tail following him and attacked it. On feeling his claws in his own tail he sheepishly switched to grooming it.

"You have been very responsible when I let you out. I figured you had earned it. You have been doing very well out on your own. I am very proud of you. You're a good cat."
"I know." he said as he switched to grooming his feet since he had been out in the dirt. He is a very clean cat.

"Your world has grown exponentially hasn't it?" I asked knowing he would have a problem with such a big word but interested in seeing how he would deal with it.

"It sure has. I love it. Uh... what is exp...whatever?"

"It means that your world has gotten really, really big really fast. Just continue being as good while you are outside and it will stay that way. Will you promise to do that?"

"Sure. I promise. Uh... do what?" he said as he started for the door.

"How could you promise to do something you don't even understand?"
"I just figured if you want it and it will keep the door open for me then I would promise to do it."

"I see. Well, what you have been doing is staying close and not getting into mischief. I like that and if you continue to do like that the door stays open. OK?"

"Deal. I can do that. Uh... not get into mischief?"
"Yes... no getting into mischief."

"Darn! Uh...OK... I promise."

He was obviously enjoying being able to go and come at will. He was in and out, in and out constantly. Once I saw him start in and change his mind mid way and turn to go out. He was stuck with his front and rear out and his midsection in.

"Tiggerrrr!" I said.


"You are cat through and through!!!"

"What do you mean?"

"I always knew that cats that were in wanted out and cats that were out wanted in but you just take the cake. You are only half in and don't know whether you want in or out! You can't be more cat than that."


"I was being sarcastic."

"What is sar...whatever?"

"I was saying one thing but really meaning the opposite." I said.

"So was I...."

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