26 Early riser... back to bed

Tigger woke me at about 4:45 and pestered me until I got up. I filled his food bowl and checked his water then fixed my breakfast. Soon I had eaten breakfast and checked out the morning comics on the web and it still wasn't even 5:30 yet! I started to settle in my chair to read and noticed Tigger in his little bed next to the chair! He was balled up with his tail wrapped around himself to keep warm.

"Tiggerrrrrr!!! Why did you get me up so early when you were going back to bed?"

"Well, I wanted to go back to bed out here and I get lonely if you are back in your bed." he said as he looked at me rather sheepishly.

"Thanks a lot!" I said rather sarcastically.

"You're welcome." he said as he shut his eyes and purred loudly.

Oh well, since I was up I might as well get some reading done. I settled in my chair and began reading my book only to drift off to sleep. I woke up a little later feeling cold. Tigger was using the cover I sometimes use to put over me when it is cool in the living room. It has now become his bed. I toyed with the idea of getting something else as a cover or putting something more on or even going back to bed where it was very cozy and comfortable but that would leave Tigger in the living room bed by himself. I sure am glad this cat isn't spoiled!!! Of course he isn't spoiled. I am the only one here that could spoil him and I certainly wouldn't do that.

We have new neighbors and they have a ton of dogs. He has only seen one so far, a little bug eyed yappy thing that Tigger could have for breakfast if he wanted. However, the yapping has spooked Tigger and he spent most of the day in the woods back of the house yesterday. I checked on him several times and found him with a cat from next door. He didn't want to come in and stayed out until it was dark. I think he is getting to know the cats from next door on the other side from the new neighbors. The nice thing is that he is doing all this socializing and still making it back home OK. His world has really gotten big.

"Well, I saw you with that grey cat from next door." I said when he finally came in. He went directly to his food bowl.

"I like that cat. I did what you said and didn't try to show off and they started to like me. Thanks for the good advice." he mumbled with his mouth full.

"What do you think of the dog that came in our yard?"

"I don't like that dog. It barks at me and acts like it will attack." his tail sprang out like a bottle brush and he hunched his back at mention of the dog.

"You haven't seen anything yet. The new neighbors have a ton of dogs that will be out in the yard eventually. Some of them are going to be big. This little yappy thing couldn't hurt you. Look at him... you are as big as he is and you have claws. You could take him with one paw tied behind your back."

"Dogs don't have claws?"

"Well, yes they do but not sharp like yours. If you used your claws on a dog's nose you won't have to worry about that dog bothering you ever again, even big dogs."

"Thanks, I'll remember that. Won't the big dogs bother me though. If there are a lot of them I won't be able to handle all of them at the same time." he said as he assumed the attack position and danced around on his toes, sideways.

"No worries. The man is going to put up an electric fence before he has the dogs in the yard. You will have to remember not to touch the fence or it will shock you and that would hurt a lot."

"Why would I touch the fence?"

"Well, if you wanted to go over and play with all the dogs."

"Yeah! Right!"

"So! Now that you have met the cats next door and they like you will I be seeing much of you from now on?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I hardly saw anything of you yesterday. You spent most of the day in the woods with the other cats. I know it is fun and I really don't mind but I miss you when you are off on your own."

"Oh. I hadn't thought about that..." he said as he rubbed against my ankles.

"Hey. I saw you climbing the trees. You climb trees like a squirrel."

"What do you mean?"

"You climb around the tree in circles and you come down almost head first. Most cats go straight up and then come down backwards. Did you learn to do that from the squirrels?"

"No. I figured it out myself."

"Boy, you sure are one smart cat!"

"I know.... I told you so."

"Uh... like I said before.... smart aleck...."

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