28 The dogs next door

Well, the dogs are now in residence next door. Tigger went out today but was back inside like a shot.

I didn't pay much attention to the situation until he didn't want to go out again. He would go out if I went with him but not by himself. He sits on one of my feet or at least keeps a foot on top of one of my feet when he is not fully confident about being where we are. He was doing that at this time. I still couldn't figure out what the problem was. All of a sudden the dogs next door noticed him and all began to bark. They are all big dogs and it scares Tigger. He ran back to the door but didn't go in... I was outside so he didn't want to go in and appear more scared than me.

"Eight dogs." I said as I counted the dogs in the fenced in yard.

"Who?" he asked.

"Who what?"

"Who did it?" he persisted.

"Did what?"

"Ate the dogs?"

"Ate what dogs? What are you talking about?"

"You said 'Ate dogs' didn't you?"

"Not 'a-t-e', I said 'e-i-g-h-t', there are eight dogs in the yard."

"I would much rather you meant 'a-t-e'. They are really loud when they bark." he said as he peeked around the corner at the barking dogs.

"They are in a fenced yard. Remember? I told you about them the other day."

"Yeah, but they bark... real loud... a lot."

"So? All dogs bark. They still can't get to you because they are in a fenced area and it even has electric wires at the top and bottom. You could go over and play with them if you like. Who knows, they might be fun to play with."


Not to worry... I ordered a kitty door to install in the screen in the dining room sliding door screen. It will be in by next Thursday. When that comes you can come and go through that door and not even see the dogs. They won't be able to see you unless you go around the storage shed or out in the yard. Of course you have to go out in the yard to get to the trees. Are you going to give up climbing in the trees because of a few dogs?"

"Eight dogs." he said, still peeking around my legs to see if he could see the dogs.
"I know. I was the one that counted them.

you know.... you used to be scared of the vacuum. Remember? You would run to the back of the house and not come out until I put it away."

"That wasn't because I was afraid. I just didn't like all the noise."

"OK... now you aren't bothered by all that noise and you sit right next to the vacuum while it is running. Maybe you will get used to the noise of the barking after awhile."

"Oh yeah. Maybe so. Actually, I am afraid I will hurt them and I don't want to hurt them."

"Hurt them?"

"Uh huh. My claws are lethal weapons you know."

"Oh. I see. Like I said the other day, your claws to their nose will stop them from bothering you if they were ever to get that close. You won't need to use lethal force."

"I will try to remember that." he said as he eased out from behind my leg and began acting a little more brave. "After all, there are only eight of them...."

"That's my boy!" I said as I watched him with pride as he eased out into the yard, ever watchful of the fenced area.

Just then the dogs spotted him. They set up a loud chorus of barking. Tigger shot back to the door and sat looking at me.

"They sure are loud..." he said sheepishly.

"Right... not scared eh?" I chided.

"Of course not... just don't like the noise...."

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