29 Early riser... still

Once again Tigger woke me up at 3:30 this morning. I held out until 4:00 before giving up and getting up. As usual, he tried to do his figure 8's around my ankles as I walked down the hall to the kitchen. Once I was at the sink and getting my breakfast he leaned hard against one ankle while standing on my foot with his front paws. I had to move my foot and he fell over when the support of my ankle was removed. He was especially loving this morning and very much interested in everything I was doing.

Of course, once he had gotten fresh food and I had settled down with my breakfast, he went to bed in his little bed in the living room. I don't know why he likes to get me up and then he goes to bed. It may have something to do with me waking him up at night to go to bed. Sort of like the nurse waking a patient up to give him a sleeping pill.

I love watching him sleep. There is no end to the number of positions he finds comfortable and he seems to sleep so soundly and peacefully. He often purrs to start with but it deteriorates into various little squeaks, grunts, whistling and buzzing sounds. I especially love it when he cups a paw over his eye or nose. I guess I don't mind getting up early to get such a show to start the day.

Before he went to sleep he wanted me to open the back door so he could go outside. Of course it was still pitch dark and cold outside so I didn't let him go out. He got up on the garbage can lid next to the back door and reached up cupping his front paws around the door knob. He has seen me open the door many times and was trying to do it himself! As I have said, if cats had thumbs we would all be in trouble.

When he was settled in his bed and I had completed my morning routine of breakfast and checking for e-mil and reading the comics on the computer I settled in my chair to read. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a cat appeared on my chest. It almost always happens when I prepare to read. I stroked him for awhile and he settled down to sleep on me. Soon he was fast asleep and over a period of time he adjusted his position so that his head was on my arm and his mid section was on the arm of the chair and his rear end on the end table. Later that would be reversed and many variations in between. What a cat!

Eventually I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 9:00. He was still sleeping on me. When I woke up he got up and started across the floor, stretching each hind leg in turn then arching his back. Now he was ready at last to start his day.

I opened the blinds at the screen in the dining room and opened the sliding door. He always likes to check things out for awhile first thing in the morning. He sits quietly and looks, listens and smells. His version of checking the news to start the day. Satisfied that things were OK in the yard he ran to the back door. I opened it but he was reluctant to go out the door I had made for him. I left him and got things started for my day. Evidently he went out because all of a sudden he bombed back in and shot through the kitchen back of me and ran to the hall.

"What on earth was that?" I asked.

"Nothing. Just noticed the dogs next door." he said as he peered around the corner into the kitchen as though he thought maybe some of them may have followed him in.


"I just decided to come back in for awhile."

"Certainly after spending so much time outside like you did yesterday you aren't going to let those dogs bother you, are you?"

"I didn't say they bothered me. I just decided to come in." he said as he sat straight and tried to appear much more brave than he actually was.

"So you aren't afraid of the dogs?"
"Of corse not. I'm a cat. Cats aren't afraid of anything." he said as he continued to peer around the corner. He didn't look at all like he was afraid of anything... right!

"I wonder what you mom would think of those dogs?" I said in an attempt to get him to take a more confident approach to them.

He straightened up even more and only peered around the corner out of the corner of his eyes. He walked over to the door and slowly went through the opening and to the corner of the carport. He peered around the corner at the dogs for a long time. They hadn't seen him and were not barking. He stuck his whole head around the corner and that set up bedlam in the dog pen. He darted back into the kitchen and took up a position between my feet with a foot on top of one of mine.

"I don't think mom would like them much either...." he said.

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