30 Tigger driving???

As I drove along to the Post Office in Altamont Tigger and I enjoyed the beautiful Fall colors. It has been a really good year for color, much better than last year. A little more rain and a seven day spell of nights under 30 degrees have made a difference. Tigger explored the truck as usual and ended up standing on his hind legs in my lap with his front paws on the steering wheel. He was peering over the wheel as though he were driving the truck.

"Want to drive the truck, eh?" I asked.

"Can I? Can I?" he pleaded.

"You mean 'may I' to be grammatically correct. Come to think of it 'can I' is appropriate for you."

"What do you mean?" he asked as he looked back at me, still in the driving position.

"Well, for starters you are way too young. But besides that your legs are not nearly long enough."

"I beg your pardon! My legs are perfect!!! I am perfect!!! I am a cat!" he said as he jumped up on his little shelf and admired his reflection in the side window.

"I like your legs, they are very nice legs. Your legs are perfect for a cat but not for driving a truck."

"What is wrong with them?" he said as he stretched them out and continued to admire his reflection.

"They aren't long enough to reach the pedals." I pointed out.


"Yes. Pedals. Those things I work with my feet. They make the truck go and stop... especially stop."

"Oh. I wondered what they were. I thought all you had to do was turn this big wheel." he said as he reached a paw out and touched the steering wheel.
"Besides you would need thumbs to even do that."

"Are you saying cats aren't very good?"

"No not at all. Cats are great... the best. There just are some things that humans can't do that cats can and things that humans can do that cats can't. That's life you know."

"Where can I get thumbs?" he said as he looked at his paws and spread his toes. Since he had gone that far he decided to just go ahead and groom his feet while they were there and the toes were spread.

"Thumbs are something that you are born with or not born with. You can't go to the store and buy them."

"You mean my mom didn't give me any when I was born?" he said as he sat up straight as he mentioned his mom.

"Yes. That's what I mean." I replied as I watched him react to mention of his mom and smiled.

"But my mom is a good mom.... a great mom.... why didn't she give me thumbs?"

"Your mom is the greatest. However, thumbs aren't on a shopping list for kittens that she can just buy and give to you. Maybe in a few million years of evolution cats will get thumbs but until then cats just don't have them."

"How long is a few million years? Will I be able to get some?" he said as he inspected his paws again and ended up cleaning them all over again.

"Way too long. I'm afraid you will just have to get along without them. Sorry..."

"Oh well, mom doesn't need them and neither do I...."

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