31 Helping with the dishes

On the way home from the Post Office I stopped at the restaurant nearby. Each weekday for lunch they have a home cooked style meal special. I ordered their lunch special to go and when I got back to the car I put it in a large zip lock bag so it wouldn't leak on the way home. It also helps keep Tigger out of it during the drive home.

When we got home I had the mail and my lunch and opened the door. Tigger went only half way in and didn't know whether to go in or stay out. I tried to get him to do one or the other but he refused and while trying to manage the mail and lunch in the slippery zip lock bag while holding the door open I dropped the lunch. What a mess. Now I had scrambled surprise with part of it out of the container and in the bag.

"Tiggerrrrr! Why didn't you come in or stay out. You made me drop my lunch." I said.

"I didn't do anything." he replied.

"That's the problem. You didn't do anything. You didn't come in and you didn't go out. I couldn't handle the mail, lunch and the door at the same time."

"So? Is that my fault?"

"No. Not really, but I needed for you to get out of the door so it wouldn't slam on you."

"Oh. Sorry.... Am I in trouble?"

"No. You aren't in trouble but you really must either go in or out and not stop in the middle of the door when it is open."

"I'll try to remember that."

After sorting things out and dividing it all up so that I had two meals, they serve enough to do that, I put half away and sat down to eat.

When I got through eating I started to do my usual routine. I have an automatic dish washer...me... when I get through eating I automatically get up and wash the dishes.

This time I noticed some roast beef and gravy and mashed potatoes left on the plate. I put it down for Tigger to get the last little bits. He really cleaned the plate... really, really cleaned the plate. Aha...now I realized that I really do have an automatic dish washer... Tigger.

"Thanks for washing the dishes." I said to him as I picked up the dish.

"My pleasure... any time. Do you have any more I can wash for you?" he answered as he licked his chops and washed his face with his paws.

"Sorry, no more dirty dishes right now. Now, if only you would learn to make my bed, vacuum and dust then things would be perfect."

"I make my own bed. You can make you own."

"You don't make you bed. It doesn't need to be made. You just sleep on top of it."

"So? It just goes to show that we cats are smarter and neater than humans."

"Anyway, you could consider doing the vacuuming and dusting, right?"

"No thank you. I like things just the way they are."

Tigger wanted to go outside and play and finally managed to get to the woods and back despite the dogs. He had a grand old time in the trees. He was zipping up the trees like greased lightning. His tawny color blends in so well with the ground colors this time of year and he is hard to find in the woods.

He sure did enjoy pouncing on things in the leaves. At one time he had a large cricket which he played with for quite some time. I doubt the cricket viewed it as play.

Late in the afternoon I heard him calling and thought he was either on the front porch or in the back yard. He sounded far away. When I got up to find him I almost stepped on him. He was at my feet. He seemed completely worn out. A nap attack had gotten him before he made it across the living room!

He must have really played hard in the woods because his ‘get up and go got up and went'. He was so pooped that he did nothing but sleep for the rest of the afternoon and all evening... wherever he was when the nap attack caught up with him. He didn't even come in to my bedroom during the night and at 4:00 I realized he had not come to get me up. I got up to check on him and he was still asleep in the living room. He got up and ate breakfast and then went right back to sleep. Boy, he must have really played hard in the woods.

Later, I went out to cut the grass for the last time this season. By then Tigger had already made his way to the woods. I was curious to know how he would handle

When I finished and started for the back door he bombed out of his little door and greeted me with the most rubbing and purring I have ever seen.

"Boy Tigger, your mom would be real proud of you the way you dealt with the lawn mower today." I said.

Of course he stopped rubbing and sat up straight at the mention of his mom.

"I bet she would say 'Young man, I am really proud of you. You handled the lawn mower very well son.'" I added. He did indeed look very proud of himself.

"I'm not afraid of the lawn monster." he said, peeking around my ankle at the lawn mower in the yard.

"It isn't a lawn monster. It is a lawn mower."

"To you it may be a lawn mower... to me it is a lawn monster... and I am not afraid of it." he replied, still with one foot on top of one of my feet and peeking cautiously at the 'lawn monster'.

"O....K.... lawn monster... if you insist. You did very well with it and I'm proud of you."


"As a matter of fact, you are not afraid of the vacuum or the dogs and can deal with the lawn mow... monster now. That takes a very brave cat to do all that. How did that happen? How did you manage the dogs?"

"I remembered what you said about their fence and I just act like they aren't there. It really works."

"Very clever of you."

"Besides, I'm a cat and my name is Tigger. A cat named Tigger is just naturally brave..."

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