34 Lap nap

As is his custom, Tigger got me up about 3:00 this morning. I held out almost an hour to get a little more rest... sleep was out of the question. I stumbled through my morning startup routine and ended up in my chair to try and read a little. Of course I soon had a lap full of Tigger. Oh well... I put the book down and put my attention to Tigger.

This morning he decided to stay and use my lap for his bed instead of getting down after a little loving and going to his little bed. I had not counted on my lap being occupied, I had a 'To do' list to work on. I mentally reviewed the list looking for any item that specifically called for my lap, there were none. Then I realized that actually they all did as I needed my lap to be able to get up and move around and all items on the list called for that. Ummmmm..... were any of the items higher priority than providing Tigger a nice, warm,

comfortable bed? After careful review I decided there were no items on the list of higher priority. I put the back to the chair further back and settled my head comfortably and the nap attack that had just caught Tigger got me too... it was barely 5:00.

About an hour and a half later we both woke up and Tigger went outside. One of the nice things about him being able to come and go whenever he wants is that he never uses the litter box anymore. It has been almost a week since he set foot in it. The downside to this arrangement is that I can't keep tabs on his state of health. He will be forced to use it when the weather gets bad which it must do one of these days.

Now that I was awake... again... and now had my lap back, I decided to work on that list. I started up the vacuum. I could see Tigger at the edge of the woods at the back of the yard. As soon as I started the vacuum he came running at full speed and bombed through his little door. What a difference from only a few weeks ago when he used to run and hide every time I turned it on! Now he just sits there and dares me to run over him with it. What a cat! It is still not ever 8:00 yet. Boy does he like for me to get my day started early.

Later we went for the mail. The trees have all passed the best color and are now starting to lose their leaves. Well... not all of them, there is an isolated tree or bush here or there which still has the most brilliant color. Not one to miss things, Tigger noticed these isolated trees still in full color.

"Why are some trees still so pretty and colorful when all the rest are dull and going bald?" he enquired.

"They should all be turned by now but there is always 10% that never gets the word. Those few just didn't get he word I guess."

"There you go again. You are trying to confuse me aren't you"

"Not on purpose. That is just and old saying we used to use in the Navy. I think you can figure that one out can't you?"

"I guess so. I still haven't seen any trees turning around either but I give up on that one."

"I guess it is just one of those human.... things."

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