40 The Great Wall of

Grundy County

Hi there! It's me again. You already know my buddy is sleeping because it's still night time and we all know humans like to sleep all night... I really don't know why. Oh well, at least it gives me a chance to get a word in now and again. Funny, all this time I watched him do this and thought he was really smart to be able to do it. This keyboard thingy isn't that hard to do.

We went for a ride in the truck yesterday. He went to get his snail mail at the Post Office.. At home he uses this keyboard thingy to get his e-mail as he calls it. I never get e-mail but I have gotten some snail mail. Actually I got it from someone called Aunt Kitty. Isn't that funny that I got snail mail from another Kitty?

On the trip we went by the Great Wall of Grundy County. At least that is what he calls it. It really is big. We have enjoyed watching them build it. He says that they started on it even before I was born and that maybe they will finish it in our lifetime. Wouldn't that be great? I will keep you posted on how it goes. We stopped at the Bank so he could get some money. Humans need money you know. We cats don't bother with all that. He drove up to this funny machine and put a card into it. Then he punched some things on this little keyboard thingy and the machine threw up some money. You would have to see that to believe it.

As we rode along we talked about my problem. You know... the bully. I was telling him that the bully goes around the edge of the woods back of the house and goes to the bathroom on bushes and rocks. That is really rude don't you think? My buddy said he knows all about that. He said it is something called P-mail. Or was that Pee-mail. Anyway, he said it's supposed to be messages for me that means the bully thinks our yard is his yard and that I should stay out of it. That had me really worried because it is the only yard and woods that I have to play in. My buddy told me not to worry. He said to tell the bully that my partner used to do surveying and knows all about yards and who they belong to. Our yard belongs to us and that is that. He suggested that I go around and piddle on top of the bully's P-mail messages but just not to do it while the bully was there. He said it's a cat... thing. If it is a cat thing then I should have known about it... right?

I've been having lots and lots of fun in the woods. I found a whole bunch of ways to get into the woodchuck's home. I have gone into one and come out of another. My buddy was right. They really do sleep all the time this time of year. They are much bigger than the bully so I didn't try to wake them. In fact I try NOT to wake them. I just walked as quietly as... well... as a cat.

I love playing in the yard and woods, especially when my buddy comes out to be with me. I can show him how well I can climb trees and how good I am at pouncing and running. I play a game with him. I stalk him and then run up to him and bat his legs with my front paws and then run away. He always laughs and calls me a ‘mess'. I like that. I asked him once and he said that a ‘mess' is good.

He takes pictures of me doing things in the yard. He thinks I don't know what he is doing but I do. I try to do all sorts of things so he can get good pictures of me. He doesn't know that I know he is sending pictures of me to all of you. Well, I do, so there!

I like the little boy next door. His name is Michael and he is real good to me. He is eight years old. My buddy says I am getting close to that in cat years. What other kind of years could there be? Anyway, Michael is the one with all the dogs but I don't hold that against him as long as he is good to me. See? He is rather nice to me isn't he? I watch him play in his yard after he gets home from school. His school bus stops right in front of his house so he gets out right into his own yard. Pretty neat don't you think. Sometimes I see him watching me play in the yard and woods. I even try to do things to impress him when I know he is watching.

Well, here comes my buddy... finally getting up. It is already 4:30 am. How can he sleep so much?

"Hi Tigger. At the keyboard again I see. Anything I might be interested in this time?"

"Of course. You should be interested in everything I write."

"And I am. Here, let me read it.... Aha... great.... yes, I am interested and once again you did a great job."


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