41 Success at last

As Tigger went out of his door he left his tail half in - half out with the door shut on it. It looked like he was about to go out without his tail.

I called to him. "Tiggeeeeer!"

"What? Is something wrong?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, there is. Don't you want to take your tail with you?"

"Oh yeah. Thanks. I will need that with me." he said as he pulled it out of the door.

He ran in the yard taking his tail along with him. As he darted here and there in the yard I could see that he really needed his tail to help him keep his balance.

Much later Tigger came running up to me in the yard, all excited. He danced all around my legs, alternately

rubbing hard against my ankles and stretching up on my legs.

"It worked! It worked!" he said, almost too excited to talk.

"What? What worked?" I asked.

"What my mom said. It worked!"

"I'm glad for you Tigger. But what? What was it that worked?"

"She told me how to catch Voles and I have been doing just like she said for a long time but never caught one. Today I did! It worked. She was right. I did just like she told me and it really, really worked!"

"Why that's wonderful Tigger. I am so proud of you.

Early the next day he came running to me as I worked at the computer. He reached up to see what I was doing, almost forgetting what he had come to see me about. Then he remembered.

"Come quick. See what has happened out in the yard! The world has turned!"

"Of course the world has turned. It is turning all the time."

"I mean it has changed color, you know, like the trees that turned. The world is turning all the time?"

"As a matter of fact it is and you see it all the time."

"I do not! I have never seen the world turn... have I?"

"You see the sun come up in the morning and cross the sky and go down in the evening don't you?"

"Yes. That is the world turning?"

"It is indeed. Now, what is this you were saying about the world changing color?"

"Come and see. It used to be green and brown and stuff, now it is all white."

"Really? That must be snow. You will enjoy the snow."

I went with him to the sliding door and sure enough it had snowed. Not a whole lot but it was snow. We looked at it in silence for awhile.

"What is snow?" he asked.

"It is a little like rain except stiffer. It is cold and wet. Why don't you go out and play in it?"

"Are you kidding? It is cold and wet and you want me to go out and play in it?"

"When I was a little boy and we had the first snow of the season there was nothing that could keep me from going out as fast as possible to play in it. I would make snow balls and throw them just for the fun of throwing... even if there wasn't anyone else out to throw them at. I would make a snowman as soon as there was enough snow to do it with. If it was a school day and there was enough snow to make them close the school for the day, I would get dressed as warmly as I could and grab a shovel and go through the neighborhood to shovel snow off walks for people and make a little money. I love the snow. I bet you will too."

"I don't know. It looks pretty but... cold and wet... are you sure?"

"I am sure. But it is still fun."

I realized that he would not venture out on his own so I went out the back door and around to his kitty door. When he saw me outside he finally ventured out his door but took his time getting down into the snow.

.Of course not having thumbs limited what he could do in the snow in the way of playing with it. He did seem to find it interesting just the same.

"There. Isn't this fun? Don't you like it now that you are out in it?"

"It is cold and wet. You were right about that."

"Sure, but don't you sort of like it... maybe a little?"

"Cold and wet. Boy is it cold and wet. You say you liked to play in this stuff when you were a little boy? You were a little boy?"

"Yes, of course I was once a little boy and I did love to play in the snow. We used to use our sleds on the hill near our house. The police would block the cross streets and set up big barrels with fire in them so we could get warmed up if we needed to. That meant we could ride for blocks and blocks down the hill. It was so much fun, We would get so cold and wet but we didn't care. It was so much fun we would keep playing until we turned blue.

We also used to build forts out of the snow and make a lot of snow balls and then we would have great big snow ball fights. It was so much fun. It makes me feel like a little boy just thinking about it now."

"Boy! It sure is Cold and wet.... You sure don't look like a little boy... " he said as he looked at my stomach...

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