42 Just what is a month anyway?

Roy is on a trip to Tucson for Christmas with Grandchildren while Tigger is staying home alone with neighbors looking in on him daily. The first day starts like any other day, with Tigger performing his daily morning duties... checking the house out and then bounding into the bedroom like he always does at around three in the morning to begin the wake-up ritual, repeating the process again at about four-thirty if necessary. Tigger knows that if he doesn't do this, his buddy will sleep all night, and no self-respecting cat would let his partner do that. Humans tend to do that without the guidance of their cat partner. Luckily, Tigger knows his duty and has trained his buddy well, making sure he doesn't waste the whole night sleeping. Tigger wakes up....

***At the house***

Time to get him up... whoa... something is wrong... I can't quite put a paw on it but something is definitely wrong... Something that happened yesterday... I think. First things first though... stretch the right hind leg... oooh that feels soooo good... now the left leg... ahhhh that feels good too. Now the back, first arch real high and then down low. Last but not least... both front legs real good... claws firmly planted in the carpet. Now, that's better.

I think I have time for a quick tour of my territory, but something is defiantly wrong... maybe I will find out what it is while I am on my tour. Is it here in the living room? I better check out the whole room... no, nothing wrong in the living room. Maybe the kitchen... that's a good place to check out anyway since the food is in there. Food bowl, water bowl, toys... everything seems in order here. Ah! The bathroom! I bet it's in there. No... there is water at the little hole in the tub. Tastes good too. Much better than from my water bowl. Litter box nice and clean... nothing out of place here. But something is still wrong. I can feel it but I don't know what it is. How about the bedroom. I have to wake him up anyway, might as well check there next.

Here goes... onto his shoulder in one mighty leap. The best technique for waking him up. Whoa!!! Where is he? He is supposed to be sleeping here but there isn't anyone in the bed. Oh yeah! Now I remember... that's what's wrong... he left yesterday and said he would be gone for a month. But how long is a month anyway? I didn't know it would mean he wouldn't be here this morning. I wish he were here... I still smell his scent all around and it's almost like he is here. I gotta find out how long a month is! I miss him...

*** At the Motel ***

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away in a motel, Roy has been asleep after almost fifteen hours of driving the day before... well anyway, he was asleep until three in the morning. Roy wakes up....

"Tigger it's too early", I mumble. Hey! Wait a minute, that isn't my clock and end table. Something is definitely wrong here. Oh yes, now I know, I'm on the road on the way to Tucson and Tigger is back at the house... But, why am I awake at three in the morning? I smell his scent and it seems he is near me but he can't be, he is back at home. Oh! I know! His scent is still on my clothes from where I cuddled him before I left. I love that smell.

I wonder what he is doing right now. Probably trying to wake me up as he always does only finding I am not there. I wonder if he remembers that I will be gone for a month. If he does it should help him deal with me being gone so long. Michael and his mom, Karen, will be taking good care of him and as long as he knows I will be back in a month he should be okay. I sure hope so. I really miss him.

***Back at the house...***

First I better get something to eat then I just gotta find out how long a month is. I wonder who would be able to tell me. Maybe that nice girl cat I like a whole lot will know, she seems to know all sorts of things. The bully may know but there's no way I'm gonna to ask him. He probably wouldn't tell me even if he knows and he would make a mess out of me if I got near enough to ask.

Breakfast... ummm good... water... almost as good as from the tub... Now time to check out the yard and maybe find my answer. Whoa... sure is cold out here! Oh well, gotta check out the yard anyway, cold or not, it's my job..

****And at the motel....****

Oh well, now that I'm awake I may as well get on the road and on to Tucson. "Thanks a lot Tigger... you sure don't like to see me waste a night away sleeping do you?" I do feel better knowing he knows I will be gone a whole month. He would be worried if he didn't know when I would be getting back home. I would hate to think he was worried... not knowing when I will be back.

Ah... all ready to leave now... whoa!!! Sure is cold out this morning. No problem... the truck will warm up soon enough.

***At home...***

First, must take care of some personal business... Now, on to checking out the yard. Nothing seems out of order here, all the trees are where they were yesterday... nothing new in the yard. Oh no! The bully has piddled on things in the yard again! I hate it when he does that. He thinks my yard is his yard. Wish I was big enough to make him stop doing that. He isn't going to stop me from using my yard though.... no way!

Now, is there anyone out here who could tell me how long a month is? The dogs... They might know. It may be worth a try. They sound mean but they do have that fence around them. Here goes....
"Pardon me. Do any of you dogs know how long a month is... by any chance... please?"

"If we do what makes you think we would tell you? You are a cat and we are dogs." said the big Rottweiler

"Well, it is very important for me to find out how long a month is and you seem to be real nice dogs so I thought you might tell me if you knew."

"Oh! I guess we could be nice when you act so nice yourself. The only problem is that we don't know how long a month is. We have often wondered ourselves so if you find out it would be mighty nice if you told us." the Rottweiler replied.

"Thanks anyway. I will tell you if I find out."

Rats! Who else might know. Oh.. Oh... there is that nice girl cat I like so much. Maybe she knows.
"Excuse me... would you please... ah.... help me?"

"Why of course, Tigger, if I can." she answered ever so sweetly..

"Uh.... ah.... ummm..."

"Don't be so shy Tigger dear. Just ask me." she purred.

"Do you... um... do you know how long a month is? My buddy left yesterday and said he would be gone for a month and when I woke up this morning he was still gone. I don't know how long a month is so I don't know when he will be back. I miss him."

"Oh you poor thing. I bet you do miss him. I have watched you two play soccer in the yard and it looks like both of you have lots of fun. How long is a month? Let me see. I am pretty sure it is longer than from yesterday to today. In fact, I am pretty sure that is what a day is. Did he say how many days?"

"No he just said a ‘month'."

"Oh. That doesn't help much now does it? I believe a month is a bunch of days."

"But how much is a ‘bunch'?"

"I don't know but if I ask around and you ask around maybe one of us can find out. I will see what I can do." she said as she left and headed back to her own yard...

***On the road.....***

I am so glad that I told Tigger I will be gone for a whole month... thirty days... four and a half weeks. That's a really long time. He will have a hard enough time being alone so long but knowing I will be back in a month should help. I sure miss him...

****And at home....****

I have to find out that pretty girl cat's name... I have to get to know her better. But first I just gotta find out what a month is.... I gotta know when he will be back..... I sure miss him...

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