43 Alone in the storms...

It is now two weeks into the month long Christmas visit to Tucson and Tigger is experiencing some problems with being alone. Roy has kept in frequent touch with Karen who has done all she can to help him get by being alone. She turned on a radio and tuned it to a Country Music station so he would have some male voices to listen to and maybe not feel so alone. She plays with him and loves him in addition to taking care of his feeding.

***At home***

"The outsides has been really messy for a really long time now. There has been snow and rain and some rain that was really cold and hard. Boy! That stuff is bad! I hate going out in that stuff. Bad enough to be all alone, now all these storms! I hate storms! My buddy used to let me snuggle on his chest and he kept his hands on top of me while it was real noisy and the flashing of light. That always made me feel so safe. I hate storms when I am alone.

What did I do to deserve this? I know I have done some things I shouldn't have done but I didn't think any of them were all that bad. I got up on counters and I batted some of his rocks off the shelf... things like that. Are any of those things bad enough to be made to be alone for so long and for the stuff outside to be this bad? I don't think so! If it isn't something I did then why?

Karen comes over to feed me and play with me sometimes but I sure get lonesome here all alone when she isn't here. It just isn't the same as having my buddy here. With all this mess outside I can't even get out to climb trees and do all that stuff I like to do outside. I wish I knew how long a month is so I would know when my buddy would be back. I miss him an awful lot. He has been gone so long that I can barely smell his scent around the house anymore.

How can I find out how long a month is? The dogs don't know... that pretty girl cat I like so much doesn't know... I keep trying to find out from the Karen when she comes over to take care of me but she doesn't understand me when I ask her. She just talks to me and plays with me after she fixes my food but she doesn't ever answer me. She must not understand what I'm asking her. I bet she knows how long a month is but how can I get her to explain it to me. Maybe that pretty girl cat will find out...

I have gone over to the Karen's house but she never lets me in. She says there is a big dog inside but the dogs in the yard haven't hurt me. Maybe they don't have a fence around the one in the house... maybe she's right. I wish she could understand me. I can understand her but she doesn't seem to understand me. Nothing could be worse than this."

****In Tucson,AZ****

"I just talked to Karen to check on Tigger and she said he seems really lonely. He is eating a lot and is getting really fat. He has come over to her house trying to come in. Poor little guy. I know he must be wondering what has happened to his world. I tried to explain before I left why I was leaving and when I would be back. I hope he understood it all.

She said the weather was awful, snow, sleet, freezing rain... and that he isn't getting out much. That really tears me up thinking of him all alone and unable to get out and play in the yard and trees like he loves to do. He hates storms so much too. I used to hold him and try to make him feel safe during storms and it usually seemed to help. I miss him so much. I can't even smell his scent anymore. I have washed all my clothes many times and his scent in the truck must be so faint now that I just can't even smell it. I wish I could. It would help me deal with missing him.

No matter how much of a problem he is having there I can't help but think how much more difficult a month in a cage would be for him. At least he is in familiar surroundings and Karen does play with him and cuddle him when she checks on him.

It sure will be wonderful when I get home. I bet he will come running to me across the yard...and I keep trying to picture how that moment will be. What will his reaction be. I know what mine will be... I will scoop him up and cuddle him to my chest and talk to him a mile a minute..."

****And back at home****

"Is there ever an end to a month? Will it be like this forever? Maybe a month will be over tomorrow. I sure miss him...."

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