44 So unfair...

It is now about three weeks into the month long trip and the weather and loneliness continue to plague Tigger. He will survive the month but it has not been easy for him so far. If he could only understand that a month in a cage was the other option he would feel much better about being alone at home with Karen taking good care of him. He will have the same thing to go through later in the Spring when Roy goes to visit the rest of the grandchildren in Germany. Maybe he will be better prepared for that trip after this one. Let's hope....

****Back at home****

"Will this ever end? I am so lonely! Is he ever going to come back? Will the mess outside ever end? Will that bully ever leave me alone? My buddy told me I was the best cat in the whole wide world. If that's so then all this can't be because I was a bad cat. Even when I did things I wasn't supposed to do he really didn't get mad at me. He just told me I wasn't supposed to do it and sometimes squirted me with water. Once in awhile I thought I was in real big trouble for doing some things but he always said I wasn't. That doesn't sound like all this could be because of something I did wrong.

It is so cold and wet and messy outside. It wasn't like this before my buddy left. Maybe he knew it would be like this and left so he wouldn't have to put up with it. But why did he leave me to have to live with it? That doesn't seem very fair to me and he was always fair with me. He said he was going to visit his grandchildren. What are grandchildren? Are they other cats? I hope not, that sure wouldn't make me very happy.

I sure am glad the Karen next door comes over to help me. It would be even more lonely if she didn't come over to fix my food and water and play with me... especially play with me. She won't let me in her house though. I have seen the dog in the house... it is a really big dog alright. Maybe she is right not to let me in. I wish she would though. Maybe that would be a nice dog and we could be friends. Then again... maybe there really aren't any nice dogs. I haven't seen any nice dogs yet.

She came over the other morning when she saw the bully was chasing me around the house but by the time she got over here I had already gotten in the house and the bully was gone. That was a close call but I was still glad she came over to help me. It makes me feel a little safer. My buddy used to help me with the bully. I sure wish he was here now to help me.

I have played with Michael after he comes home from school sometimes. I like him. He is a great little boy. He likes me too... even though he likes dogs. I don't understand why people like dogs. After all, there are cats... with cats to like why would anyone choose to like a dog? It doesn't make any sense to me. Of course cats are much better than dogs... everyone knows that."

***Meanwhile in Tucson***

"I keep seeing reports on TV and hearing from Karen that the weather at home is horrible. I know it is hard for Tigger to put up with because he loves to get out in the yard and the woods. I hope he is playing with all his toys and enjoying listening to the radio. Karen was so thoughtful to set it up for him. I hope it makes the house seem less empty for him. Poor little guy... he hasn't had any experience in his life so far to prepare him for such a long time being alone. Just over a week left for him to be alone though. I wonder what it will be like when he hears the truck drive up and when I open the door. I bet he will be mad at me for being gone so long.

I have some special treats and a tiger hand puppet for him. I bet he will enjoy the puppet. He will be able to attack it and it will fight back... that should be lots of fun for him. Maybe he won't stay mad at me for long."

****And back at home****

"I will be so glad to see him when he gets back. I watch for the truck driving up in the driveway all the time. I don't want to miss it when he gets back. I will jump up in his arms and rub my cheeks against his and purr my very loudest. I will try to be the very best cat he has ever seen......"

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