45 So this is what a month is...

Tigger awakes with a strange feeling that today is the day he will finally get the answer to how long a month is. He has not been able to get the answer from the dogs next door or the pretty girl cat he likes so much. He even asked some birds who said that they knew a lot about seasons but didn't know how many seasons there were in a month. They did offer that a season was a really long time. That didn't make Tigger feel any better because if a season is really long and if a month had several seasons in it then a month would be really... really long. That didn't sound very good to him.

As he began his daily routine of checking out his territory of the house and yard he wondered how he was going to get the answer. His best hope was that the nice girl cat would find out for him but he couldn't find her anywhere around. He checked again with the dogs but they still didn't know either. They were real nice to him though because they felt a little sorry for him being all alone and lonesome... but only a little sorry... after all he is a cat and they are dogs. Some of the birds came by and he asked them again. They still didn't know anything about months, only seasons. They were careful to stay a little bit away from him while they talked though. Birds can't be too careful around cats... even lonesome cats who are looking to them for help.

The lady from next door came over to check his food and water and to love on him a little. That made him feel a lot better but still didn't answer his question. She talked to him but didn't answer his questions.

He went back out to look again for the girl cat. He looked all over the place but she just was not around. Maybe he had been wrong and today was not going to be the day he found out how long a month was. He was beginning to get very discouraged. He had started the day feeling so positive that he would get his answer today yet it looked like just another day of looking for the answer. He wanted his buddy back so bad and he had to find out how long a month was to know when that would happen.

Suddenly he was aware of a familiar sound he had not heard in such a very long time. He tried to remember what it was. Then... he knew... he couldn't believe his ears! It just had to be the sound of the truck he had ridden in so often so long ago! That must mean that his buddy was back! That must also mean that the month was over. He had found his answer after all and his buddy was back at the same time. It was all over now!

Tigger ran around the corner of the house and sure enough it was the truck and then there was his buddy getting out of the truck and calling to him. Tigger ran to him and leapt into the outstretched arms reaching down to him.



"Whoa! Slow down and don't purr while you are talking. I can't understand a word you are saying."

"I - w - a - s - s - o - l - o - n - e - l - y..."

"Not that slowly..."

"Oh! I was so lonely. Purr... sorry... It was so wet and cold outside and the bully chased me a lot. I didn't know when you were going to come back..."

"I told you I would be back in a month."

"But I didn't know how long a month is. I tried to find out from the dogs and the birds and the cute girl cat next door... even the lady that helped me didn't answer when I asked her. I thought I would find out today but I didn't think it would be over today. I am so glad to see you!"

"I am so glad to see you too! I wish I had known that you wouldn't know how long a month is. I could have explained that before I left. Sorry it has been so difficult for you. But it is all over now, I am here. Boy! You sure have grown. Did you do anything but eat?"

"There wasn't much else to do. It sure was boring here without you."

"From the looks of it I would say real boring!"

They finely settled in the recliner to rest and enjoy each other after most of the unpacking was done. Tigger curled up on Roy's chest with their noses almost touching. Roy had one hand on Tigger's back and the fingers of the other lightly stroking Tigger's head. It felt so good to stroke his head and feel the vibrations and hear the sound of Tigger loud purring.

Once again Roy could smell Tigger's scent, it had been so long. Tigger's front paws were opening and closing... the claws digging into Roy's chest. Even that felt good... and he had a deep feeling of contentment as he started to drift into a welcome nap, a soft snore escaping as he fell asleep.

Tigger too was feeling contented... and safe for the first time in a very long time. The warmth of the chest under him, the feel and sound of the heart beating, the big hand on his back protecting him and the fingers lightly playing with the back of his head all made him feel more secure and safe than he had ever felt before. He purred loudly as he enjoyed the security and love he had missed for so long. He too began to drift into a nap. His purring becoming little snorts, squeaks and whistles. As he drifted into his nap his last thought was "At last I know what a month is. I just knew I would find out....."

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