46 The bully bites...

When Roy returned from the month long trip Tigger had a place on his side that was hard and tender. By the time he could see Dr Young it was about the size of a hand and very tender. It turns out that he had been bitten by the bully and the hard spot was caused by the infection under his skin. Now he is sporting a big opening on his side to let it heal from the inside out. He puts lots of attention to it and is on an antibiotic twice daily. That is an interesting routine. He knows when Roy is preparing to give it to him and will run away but always returns. After several of these evolutions he finally takes it more or less with little fuss. What he does not like at all is for Roy to press around the wound to make sure it is not getting re-infected below the skin. Who could blame him for not liking that?


"Tigger, why didn't you tell me about being bitten by the bully? I need to know about things like that."

"Well, It hurt and all but I didn't think there was anything you could do about it. Actually, I don't much like what you did do about it. It hurts a whole lot and now I have a bald spot. I'm too young to have a bald spot."

"Don't worry about the bald spot. The hair will grow back. I have been glad to see you taking such good care of the wound. Did your mom teach you how to do that?"

"She sure did. She spent a lot of time teaching us how to take care of ourselves when something like this happened... she called it ‘Wounds 101'. I just figured it was up to me to take care of it. I sure didn't want all the stuff they did to me at the clinic. That hurt real bad. I like those people because they take such good care of me but sometimes it really hurts. This was one of those times. Mom didn't say anything about all that in ‘Wounds 101'."

‘Well, in the future, if something like this happens let me know so we can get it cleared up as fast as possible. Have you notice how much better you feel today after four doses of medicine? You've been running all around and getting into things much more today than yesterday. I bet your side also feels better now that it's drained."

"You sure are right about all that. I feel much better today but doesn't it bother you when I get into things?"

"No. It makes me feel good because I know you are getting better. I can live with the things you get into. You're a really great cat and don't get into too much trouble... not too much for me to handle. You sure are taking your medication very well... or at least as well as I can expect you to. Thank you for that. It isn't easy for me to do something to you that you don't like."

"Maybe the treats you give me right after you give me the medication has something to do with that."

You are getting big as big as the bully, I think, but he is still much older and knows how to fight. Maybe I should show you some of the Judo I learned while on the Navy Judo team when I was at Electronics School in the Navy. That would really make him sit up and take notice don't you think?"

"If you think it'll help. What is Judo anyway?"

"That is a form of fighting where you use your opponents weight and strength against him. Think that would work with the bully?"

"He is big and strong. That would be pretty neat if I could use all that against him. Let's start right away. I will work real hard."

"Sounds good to me. First I will have to figure out how we can make it work for cats. I know how to do it for people but cats are built different... you may have noticed that fact."

"Oh yes. I sure did. Cats are built much better I must say. Nothing really wrong with people but I prefer the way cats are built myself. "
"And I would say the same if I were you. The only problem is that people have only two legs and of course have thumbs while cats don't have thumbs but have four legs. Now a hip throw, for instance, requires thumbs and that the opponent have only two legs. That might be a problem. Of course your claws could do in place of thumbs I suppose but we still have the problem of four legs. Maybe we'll have to think of the idea of Judo but in cat terms... this could be fun. Try to think of how you can turn his weight and strength into a problem for him and an advantage for you. This may take some hard thinking."

"It sounds like something I would really like to be able to do but I don't know how to think about it. When I think about how big and strong he is I can't really see that as any kind of advantage for me. It looks like nothing but bad news for me... like when he bit me."

"I see your point but there may be some ways we can turn it around and make it good for you. There is a throw in Judo where you let the opponent attack you and but instead of resisting, you fall back and throw them over your head as you fall. Then you let the momentum carry you after him until you are on top. It can be very effective if done properly. Maybe you could do something like that. He thinks he is going to be all over you and you just roll back and grab him with your claws and let his speed and strength carry him over you and then you end up all over him. Think that would make him stop and think next time he is going to attack you?"

"It might work. How can I get it down so that when he tries to hurt me I am ready for him. You can't help me because you're way too big... way, way too big... I mean really way too big..."

"I get the point... I need to eat less and exercise but you are right, I can't help you practice it. What about that pretty girl cat you like so much. Do you think she would help you? She seems really nice. You wouldn't have to hurt her, just get the moves down."

"I'd like that. She is so pretty and nice. I get all nervous whenever she speaks to me though. I don't know if I could ask her. Every time I try to talk to her I forget all about what I wanted to talk to her about. Boy, she sure is pretty!"

"I can understand that. She is pretty and seems to be real nice to you. You do sort of get a little nervous though."

"A little nervous? More like a lot nervous. I don't understand that at all."

"Hey! I just thought of another thing you could do with the bully. You want to use his strength and momentum against him, right? Well, what if you stand right in front of the brick wall of the house and let him run at you? Then just at the last moment you step to one side real fast. The bully would run into the brick wall wouldn't he?"

"That might work. It would be real hard to stand still while he is running right at me though. When that happens I sort of want to run away. It might be worth a try and I wouldn't need the girl cat to help me do that one would I?"

"I don't think so. You just have to work on not running until the very last moment. If you run too soon he will be able to change his direction or stop. You really have to wait until he is almost on top of you before you move. That would be a form of Judo."

"By the way, how good were you at Judo in the Navy?"

"Uh... well... ah... not really all that good... I guess. I was only on the team while I was in Electronics school and not even the whole time I was in the school."

"Great... now you tell me. Wait until he is almost on top of me before I move? Let me think about that... I don't think so!"

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