47 Spoiled

Roy has been re-arranging the living room so that the computer is against the big window instead of against an inside wall. When using the computer cam there will be no bright back light to cause difficulty in being seen by the person on the other end of the connection. It has been hard work but worth it because when moving things around it gave him the chance to get to dust that has been collecting since the last century. Rough on the nose though. Through it all Tigger has played and slept without lifting a paw to help.


Tigger! Why don't you help here? Can't you see I'm working really hard with all this moving things and cleaning?"

"Now wait a minute. Aren't you the one who keeps reminding me that I don't have any thumbs? Besides, I'm wounded you know."

"You are wounded but you seem to be able to play OK. You even leap and flip when you are playing. Besides I don't recall Dr Young giving you a light duty chit."

"She must have forgotten to do that. Obviously I should have gotten one. What is a ‘light duty chit' anyway?"

"A note would give you permission to avoid work. She didn't give you one so you should be able to do some work. I could use a little help here."

"What about the thumbs... thing? I still don't have thumbs so it's hard for me to pick things up and stuff. I knew there was something good about not having thumbs."

"Well, I have to give you that one. I guess there are some advantages to not having thumbs. I just hadn't ever been able to think of any. Leave it to a cat to find the advantage. Go back to sleep... I can't argue with your logic."

"Thanks. I need my rest... my wound you know."

"It wouldn't hurt for you to get some more exercise though. You sure got fat while I was gone. You must have eaten all the time."

"You are calling me fat? Hummmm...."

"OK... OK... Maybe I should eat a little less too."

"A little less? I would say a lot less. And it wouldn't hurt you to get a little... uh... lot of exercise too."

"Alright... alright... enough of that! I can't argue with that... as much as I would like to.

By the way, didn't your mom teach you anything about threats, like from the bully? She taught you how to take good care of wounds in ‘Wounds 101'. Shouldn't she have taught you how to avoid getting them in the first place?"

"I think she did. It was ‘Threats 101' or something like that, but she told all about threats before she told about wounds and maybe I was more interested in playing than listening at the time. If she had told us about wounds first I may have listened better when she covered threats. Anyway, he snuck up on me from down wind and I never saw or smelled him until it was too late."

"Pity. I wish you had listened better. I hate to see you hurt. Do you think you learned anything from all this?"
"Don't let the bully get that close again."


Roy has put a sign next to the entrance to the house. Tigger is interested in what it says.

"What does that sign say?" he asked as he stretched up and sniffed at it.

"It says:

In this house resides a cat...
A spoiled cat... spoiled rotten cat...
Named Tigger."

"What do you mean... ‘Spoiled rotten'? You can't mean that I am spoiled." he said as he gave me a really hard look.

"Well, you are spoiled. Don't you want me to pet you all the time?"

"Yes, of course I do, all the time.."

"Don't you want me available for you to sleep on whenever you want to sleep?"

"And you should be."

"Don't you want me awake whenever you are awake... no matter what time of night it is?"


"Don't you expect me to come out and play soccer with you whenever you are outside?"

"Yes, and I'm glad you do most of the time."

"Don't you want chicken and pumpkin all the time instead of your dry food?"

"Yes, doesn't everyone?"

"Don't you want to get on my lap every time I pick up something to read?"

"I would rather you give me your full attention."

"Don't you want to play with my shoe laces every time I try to tie them?"

"That is the best time to do it."
"And what about the toilet paper? I can't put it on the roller. If I do that you just unroll it as soon as you find it there."

"What else is it for? That is really fun to play with."

"It isn't for unrolling all over the floor. And don't you want to be on or between my feet all time I am in the kitchen?"

"That is definitely the best place to be when you are in the kitchen. "

"Don't you attack my feet every time I move when I am sleeping?"

"As often as I can."

"Don't you constantly re-arrange things in the house no matter where I want things?"

"Yes, I like things arranged differently around here."

"Don't you go around getting on counters and turning on water and things like that?"

"Yes, that is great fun.'

"You say you are not spoiled but you say ‘yes' to all of that?"

"Of course... and your point is......?"

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