48 Weather most foul...

It has been raining for more than two days and now it is snowing. Tigger has just about had enough of this mess. Roy has a web connection with the weather monitoring station about three miles from the house. At least once today the wind chill factor was eight degrees below zero! That is cold don't you know. Tigger voiced his feelings concerning the situation as he sat looking out at the back yard.

"Rain and snow go away
Come again another...
Oh, just leave a number
And I'll call..."

Of course, nobody said he was a poet. However, he is a great cat.. He has made fairly good use of the time, he has been playing with his toys and sleeping.... a lot of sleeping. Times like these are hard on him. He worries about what is going on in his territory outside.

He sits half in and half out the door doing his best to carry out his duties. If only they made foul weather gear for cats. Standing watch in this mess would be ever so much easier. However, a cat must do what a cat must do so he does his best. The good part of it all is that the weather is just as nasty for any other cat that wants to mess around in his yard.. There is one cat he doesn't mind getting in his yard.... the pretty girl cat. This day he was kinda wishing she would come over to visit. His buddy is good company but there is something special about that pretty girl cat..

"As a matter of fact I have and I had my own duties to perform in it as well. When I was a boy I delivered news papers and during the winter it was really rough. Sometimes the snow was pushed to the sides of the streets by the snow plows and the pile would be higher than my head. That was a mess to deliver papers in. Of course my paper route was up hill both ways you know."

"Boy, I feel lucky after hearing that. Uphill both ways? Really?"

"Well, uh... that is what I always told my boys when they were growing up and my grandchildren. It makes it sound harder... don't you think?

"I guess... sounds more... well... I hate to say ‘stupid' but right now I can't think of another word for it."

"OK... OK... so it isn't the smartest thing I ever said but carrying papers in this kind of mess and worse wasn't easy. I thought I would freeze sometimes. It got so cold that I didn't think I could stand it anymore. Of course I did... as you can see. Why don't you romp around in the snow for a little while" I suggested.

"You have got to be kidding! Why don't you come on out and ‘romp' around a little... with nothing on your feet. This stuff is cold and wet... really cold and wet you know." he huffed.

"No thanks. I see your point... I would rather not feel it as well. Why do you go out there in the first place when it is so unpleasant?"

"Certainly not to ‘romp' I can tell you. I sort of like to do... you know... my business outside when I can. I know you don't mind cleaning the litter box for me but I still like to take care of things outside if I can most of the time. Besides, I do have a lot of territory to manage you know. Boy! It sure is cold."

"Well, come on in out of the cold. You have lots of things to do inside."

"Like what? "

"Lots of things. You have a ton of toys to play with and there is sleeping and besides, you have a lot of territory inside to manage too."

"That's right! I do have a lot of territory inside to look after. I can even play with some of my toys at the same time I am keeping an eye on the territory inside. Besides, it's warmer inside too. Thanks for pointing that out." he said as he looked for some toys to play with.

He did come in and check out his inside territory before playing with his toys. He did, however, choose a location to play that afforded the best view of his outside and inside areas of responsibility.

"You were right. I can play and keep an eye on things at the same time."

"Good. I know you have heavy responsibilities and all that but you really need play time as well. See, this weather isn't all that bad."

Later that day he had a visitor... the pretty girl cat he likes so much but his response was strange. He would not go out to visit with her. He lay inside the glass with her on the other side but would not go out. She obviously wanted him to come out.

"Tigger, that's the pretty girl cat you like so much. Why don't you go out and visit with her. She really wants you to come out and play.

"You know what happened... my wound and all."

"Yes, I know all about your wound. She didn't do that, the bully did."

"Of course she didn't do it. I know it was the bully that gave me my wound but he told me not to be friends with the her. He said she was his girlfriend and for me to leave her alone or he would mop up the whole neighborhood with me. I don't know what he meant by that but it didn't sound like something I would like."

"I'm sure you are right about that. But, she isn't really his. He just wants her to be. You can be friends with her too."

"Yeah. And didn't you tell me I should stand real still while the bully was running right at me and not move until he was right on top of me? Boy! Doesn't sound to me like you really understand this bully thing I have to deal with...."

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