51 Ghosts and such...

It has been especially windy these last two days. Leaves are blowing all over the place... skittering along the ground, swooping up or down at the whim of the wind or just blowing along through the air. Tigger has had a difficult time with all those toys going this way and that. He pounces on one only to be drawn away by another swooping up or down near him. He wants to capture them all but of course there are far too many for him to succeed. He does try hard though. The wind blowing along the back of the house occasionally lifts the kitty door opening it or on occasions blowing it inwards. All of this makes life interesting for Tigger and for Roy as well as he watches Tigger going through his antics. Eventually Tigger approached his buddy for some information about a concern all of this was causing him.

"Do you remember when they were talking about ghosts on the radio back before you were gone... for a very long time?"

"Do you mean back last Halloween? Of course I remember."

"Are ghosts real?"

"I really don't believe in ghosts but there are people who do. But no,I don't think there are any real ghosts. Why do you ask?"

"Well, I keep seeing the kitty door open and close but don't see anything going in or out. Is that a ghost? Is this house haunted?"

"No. I am certain this house is not haunted and that is not a ghost. It is the wind blowing the door open."

"Are you really, really sure?"

"I am as sure as I can be about something like that. I know that the wind can blow the door open and we are having a lot of wind. It only opens when the wind is blowing real hard. Therefore it must be the wind."

"But are you totally sure? Is there any chance it might be a ghost?"

"Well... I know what the wind can do and I know it is windy... I am pretty sure. Since I don't believe in ghosts I would have to say I am all but 100% sure."

"But not 100% sure."


"Aha! I thought so! If it is a ghost wouldn't I be able to sense it with my whiskers, or nose or ears?"

"Like I said, I don't believe in ghosts so I can't tell you how to tell when one is around. What if there is a ghost going in and out of your kitty door? So what?"

"Easy for you to say ‘so what' you are big and the ghost has to be small to go in and out of my kitty door. I'm small too. That's ‘so what'... so there!"

"Oh come now. What could a ghost do? You are a big brave tom cat and can pretty much take care of yourself... well except for the bully... you will be able to take care of the bully one of these days too."

"I don't know. By the way... what is a ghost anyway...?"

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