53 Lover boy...?

Tigger has been the center of attention of several of the local girls. He is very shy and usually runs into the house to get away from them. His main heartthrob, Misty, has all but come into the house after him.

Usually she pays her visits in the evening but today she came by during the day. There she was, peering in the window looking for him, her tail at full vertical. She has it bad for that young man, Tigger.

She is saying to herself "I want me some little tabby kittens that look just like him. He is so neat. I really like that cat."

Well, Tigger really likes her as well but he is very shy around her and the other two girls from next door. The other two are mostly white with some black like the bully except pretty and very much interested in Tigger. He ends up looking longingly after Misty when she leaves like he really wants to be with her but as soon as she tries to get to him he runs. Some lover he is!

He has been reluctant to discuss anything about all this with Roy except how confused Misty makes him feel. Sometimes when Misty has been over in the evenings and then leaves he goes out and is gone for quite some time. When he comes in he usually goes right to bed in his bed in the bedroom behind the waterbed. This at six thirty or seven in the evening! Is it possible that he isn't as shy as he appears? Still he refuses to discuss it with Roy. He is nothing if not a gentleman and gentlemen do not discuss such matters, even with their best buddies.

Tigger gets his operation on the seventh of February. That means the answer to the burning question is only a couple of months away. If by the second week in April there are no little tabby kittens running around next door then we will know that he really is as shy as he appears, however, if there are tabby kittens around then he has been less shy than he lets on.

The Little Tabby Kitten Watch (LTKW) is now in effect until mid April.

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