55 A really bad day...

Well, the day finally arrived for Tigger to have his operation. It had been postpone due to his wound from the bully's bite. That healed in about two weeks with no complications and the time was right for his operation. Now this cat has had a few really hard things to deal with lately, a very long time at home alone, a vicious attack from the bully and the healing of that wound. Not least of the pain of healing was the twice daily dose of antibiotic. He really hated that. That could be termed ‘Adding insult to injury'.

Now all that was behind him it was time for another difficult episode in his short life. The operation. He didn't know what was going to happen as they made their way off the plateau to the clinic in McMinnville. The ordeal started the night before when he was not allowed to eat for over twelve hours before his operation. It was a little puzzling in the evening but not too bad as he did eat supper around six o'clock. What really had him confused was when he got up the next morning and there still was nothing available for him to eat. He was hungry! At least Roy didn't eat breakfast in front of him but waited until Tigger was delivered to the clinic to go get breakfast. Still, Tigger was terribly hungry and the last twelve plus hours was just the start. It would be another twenty four hours before he would be able to eat again. But there was worse to come... the operation itself.

The operation went well and he was ready to return home late in the afternoon so Roy drove back to the clinic and picked him up. Tigger was still really woozy and had trouble even standing on his own. He would stumble around looking drunk and even falling down now and then. At least the operation was behind him.... pardon the pun... one which Tigger does not find amusing at all. But it was behind him and all he had to do was get home and get over the effects of the anesthesia.

When he got home he found that his toys were ready to welcome him home. The only problem was he didn't feel like playing with them. He could not find a comfortable place or position and had trouble trying to move around looking for some better place to rest and try to get it all together again.

He did appreciate the thought though and realized that his toys really did care for him. Eventually he settled on his bed in the living room with his very favorite toy... his very first toy. He felt a need for a ‘security blanket'. There was no security blanket but there was his little stuffed bear and it would do the job just fine.

He slept for a long time tenderly holding his little buddy. It made him feel so much better and he really needed to feel better right then.... very much.

Later in the evening he got up and tried to go outside. Roy had blocked the way to the kitty door so he could not get out.

He watched the yard and eventually the bully came by and lay on the ground a short distance from the kitty door. It seemed he expected Tigger to come out and have it out with him. Of course Roy would not allow that. The bully got the best of the last time they got together. That time Tigger was fully alert but still he got a nasty wound. It would have been bad news if the bully got to him while Tigger was not fully awake and alert.

Tigger must have had a false sense of bravery because he was staying at the glass and uttering a low, guttural growl. It sounded almost like a dog. He really wanted to get out and give the bully his comeuppance.

"Tigger, what do you think you're doing? You're in no shape to take on the bully!"

"I am too! I can handle him."

"You can't even handle yourself right now. You can't walk in a straight line and you fall down now and again. What makes you think you can handle the bully? He would make hamburger out of you. There's no way I'm going to let you out to tangle with that bully."

"I can do it. I know I can."

"No you can't. You just got home from your operation and you aren't fully awake from the anesthesia. I'm bet you are really sore from the operation as well."

"Oh I am! And I'm mad! I don't like what happened today... one little bit! I'm so mad that I know I can take care of that bully! Just let me at him..." he said as he got up, lost his balance again and fell over....

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