57 New neighbor?

Roy was given a beautiful birdhouse designed for Bluebirds for Christmas. As the weather finally began to change to something less wintery he began the project of mounting the birdhouse.
Of course the first step was to select a suitable location and in this case he gave in to the old saying ‘When all else fails... read the instructions.' and read the instructions which came with the birdhouse.

Having selected a likely spot he erected the foundation, a 2x2 pole placing the top at five feet above the ground as per the instructions. Before he could complete the project it was necessary to have the foundation inspected and approved by a Bluebird and by Tigger, his Supervisor of Construction..

After both had passed on the foundation, he mounted the birdhouse under the watchful eye of his Supervisor of Construction. Within two days it drew the attention of the wife of the male Bluebird that had inspected the foundation. It appears that just possibly there will be new neighbors in the area soon.

Roy smeared petroleum jelly on all the areas that wasps would like to use for a nest. They will take over any place they can if given half a chance.

On another front, it appears that Misty is with kitten(s). Who knows if she and Tigger have gotten together, it may be that the bully and Misty are an item, but with the attention she pays to Tigger it is still possible that there may be little tabby kittens after all. Therefore, the LTKW (Little Tabby Kitten Watch) is now back in effect until mid April... or sooner.

Roy has been checking Tigger's stool now and again for worms using a digital microscope. It appeared that maybe there were worms showing up so he sent a picture of the microscope images to Dr Young. She thought they might be tape worm segments and asked that Roy bring Tigger to the clinic Friday morning to check it out.

This was an interesting trip off the plateau. The last such trip resulted in his operation. He obviously had the last trip on his mind and was very vocal during the whole trip. He is usually a very quiet cat. The trip takes the better part of an hour so that was a lot of yowling!

As it turns out, it was not tape worms and he just had a chance to visit with the great people at the clinic and get weighed. He now weighs nine pounds! That is up from half a pound when he came to live with Roy in July. Boy has he grown!

The trip home was another unique experience. Normally Tigger settles on his perch and either watches things go by or sleeps. This time he wanted to settle in Roy's lap. That would require that he really scrunch down, remember, he is now nine pounds. He scrunched! He rode almost the whole way home curled up in Roy's lap... getting petted.

It wasn't until they were back home that Roy realized that Tigger had been even more quiet than usual. Maybe something was bothering him.

"Tigger, is something wrong? You have been awfully quiet since we left the clinic."

"As a matter of fact, there is. I remember the last time we went to the clinic. It was not the best day of my life!"

"I know. It really wasn't a good day for you but this time all that happened was you got to visit with Dr Lynda and her husband, Dr Young and the staff. The worst she did was weigh you."

"That wasn't the worst thing that happened there!"

"OH? What else happened that was worse than being weighed?"

"Being weighed wasn't bad. That isn't what I was referring to at all. When we were getting ready to leave and were in the lobby you played with a dog!!!"

"Oh! Now come on. That was a cute puppy and he was real friendly. He came over to say ‘HI.' to me and I just petted him a little. Don't you think he was a cute puppy?"

"Well... I guess he was cute... for a puppy. But did you have to play with him?"

"I guess not, but he was really cute and so friendly, I couldn't help myself. Are you going to stay mad at me over that?"

"Well... you were really nice to me all the way home... I guess I can forgive you... if you can find some treats... you know, to sort of help smooth my feelings..."

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