58 Of Vultures and hunting...

A strange and interesting sight greeted Roy when he got up Saturday morning and opened the blinds in the dining room. The trees in the back yard were filled with vultures! They were circling around over the woods and perching in the trees. Tigger was in the yard and very much aware of their presence. He was watching them carefully and staying very close to his ‘escape hatch', the kitty door. Roy put on a wrap and went out to find out what was drawing them to the woods behind the house.

It didn't take long to find the reason. It was easy to follow the great birds going up and down in the woods and the mystery was solved when he found a humongous fish head in the woods. Obviously Jason from next door had made a great catch and disposed of the head in the woods. The buzzards were making short work of taking care of it for him.

When Roy returned to the house Tigger came in to find out what was going on.

"What did you find? What did you find?" Tigger asked nervously as he danced around Roy's legs.

"It was a huge fish head. The vultures are eating it... and doing a good job of it too."

"Vultures? Is that what those great big things are called? They look big enough to make a snack out of me." he said, still very nervous. His tail was hooked down and his ears were back flat against his head.

"Yes, vultures. They won't bother you as long as you are alive. They only eat dead things. They sure are big though. I don't blame you for being afraid of them."

"Afraid? Who said I was afraid?" he said as his tail popped up like a flagpole and his ears shot up as well.

"Why you did. I can read your tail and ears and they were telling me that you were afraid."

"Darn them! I must do something about them telling on me! Besides, just look at them... they are really huge!"

"Yes they are but they're nothing you have to be concerned about. They just help keep things cleaned up so they are good to have around."

"Good, because I was kinda thinking of doing some hunting of my own... if you don't mind."

"Of course not. Where were you planning on hunting?"

"Just out in the yard under the bird feeder. I keep hearing voles or mice just out of reach in all the holes in the ground out there."

Tigger cautiously poked his head out of the kitty door and kept an eye on the big birds in the sky and trees at the back of the yard. He eased over to the bird feeder and stationed himself over several holes. He waited very patiently for a long, long time with occasional alerts and attacks but no catches.

Well? How was the hunting?" Roy asked as Tigger finally came in from the great hunting adventure.

"Not at all good! I waited patiently just like mom taught us to do but they never got close enough to catch. I have caught some before but this time they just wouldn't come far enough out of the holes for me to catch."

"Your problem may be that you are too impatient. You don't wait long enough for them."

"Are you kidding? You saw me. I sat very still for a very long time. I didn't move a muscle, not even my whiskers or the tip of my tail... mom cautioned us about that."

"Yes, you did remain very still for a very long time. What I mean is that you didn't do it quite long enough. If you wait until they come all the way out of the hole you can catch them. When they are still in their hole they can get away."

"But... but... they are so slow about doing it. I wait and wait and they just squeak and
munch and scratch around just inside the holes. I keep waiting and waiting and waiting and they don't come out... I can't stand hearing them that close but not coming out so I can get them! It drives me crazy for them to be that close but I can't get them. I just can't stand it any longer! What do you mean that I'm not patient....?"

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