60 Ah, nature...

The yard is alive with the sound (and sights) of nature! Birds are swarming the yard looking for worms crickets and such, the woodchuck is awake and starting to venture out and even a rabbit has been spotted in the yard. This has not escaped Tigger's notice. He has been very attentive to everything that makes it's way into his yard, the just under one acre that is his domain.. He is spending more of his time hunting and exploring and watching... watching... watching.

Among those making frequent appearances in the yard are Mr and Mrs Cardinal. They often show up with another couple who are also Mr and Mrs Cardinal (a popular name among the Cardinalis cardinalis species sort of like Jones or Smith among humans). Their sharp chirp is very distinctive and draws the attention of all within earshot, especially Tigger. They have been joined by Robins, Brown headed cowbirds, Chickadees, Doves, Bluebirds, Blue Jays, Kinglets and who knows what other kinds.
Later in the day Tigger explored the woodchuck's home. They have been out from time to time but so far are staying close to or in their home. Tigger wants them to get up and come out and play. They have been sleeping for an awful long time now and it should be time to end their long winter sleep.

"Hey down there! Anybody home? Groundhog day was almost a month ago! You should be up now."

"Whatcha doing Tigger?"

"Trying to get Mr Woodchuck to come out and play. I think I can hear them moving around down there but they won't answer me or come out."

"Well..... maybe they aren't sure you'll be friendly to them if they come out."

"What? Me? Not be friendly to them?"

"They don't know you... yet. You're a predator and they are prey animals. They are a little bigger than you but they aren't usually friendly with predators."

"It isn't my fault that I was born a predator. Isn't this some kind of discrimination? How do I get in touch with the ACLU?"

"Maybe but I don't think the ACLU would take up your case. However, woodchucks do have to be careful. If they aren't very careful they wouldn't last very long. Let's face it, you are hunting voles, mice and birds aren't you?"

"Yes... but who told the woodchuck....?"

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