61 Alone again...

Once again, Roy is gone for over a month. Tigger knows what a month is now but that really doesn't help much, he knows it's a really long time. Roy told him that when he gets back from this trip he shouldn't be leaving home for some time. That helps a little but it still hurts to be alone for so long. Thank goodness for ‘Miss Karen' as Tigger refers to her now (he was born and raised in the South, you know). She does a great job of taking care or him and giving him loving but she doesn't stay there all the time like Roy. Oh well, a month does go by eventually

The gandchildren have the cat they had in Tampa and took to Germany with them. His name is Bonkers and he is probably at least seven or eight years old. He is black and white... mostly black. He seems to really enjoy wandering around the little German village where they live. It is a very small village which does not even show up on most maps.

The name of the village they live in is Huttenfeld which means ‘Hut in the field'. There is more than one hut, in fact, lots of houses and a few small shops... very few and very small. Very old stone barns are still standing among the houses and in great shape. They build things to last in Germany!

There are four leaning silos which Roy calls ‘The leaning silos of Huttenfeld'. Pisa has nothing on Huttenfeld... well maybe a little. Still, Huttenfeld has four... count them... four leaning silos whereas Pisa has only one leaning tower. So there!

The streets are very narrow and the houses are built right out to the sidewalks. People park on the sidewalks and when cars are going in different directions on a narrow street they drive on the sidewalks as well. There seems to be no end to strange places they park their cars including on top of a garage!

Almost anywhere you look would make a perfect picture post card! The buildings, the fields... everything. The people are very nice. There are many customs that are different from back in the ‘States'. People are not as friendly as you pass on the streets but that is because they prefer to take time to know you before offering their friendship. That doesn't mean they are rude, they do speak as they pass but they don't expect a big smile because that is getting too personal before they know you.

In restaurants they speak to other customers as they enter or leave the restaurant, wishing them ‘Bon appetite.' and even raising a glass in a toast sometimes. That is a nice custom! It is expected that if there is an unused chair at someone's table that a new customer will use it after asking permission. At times a group may be broken up that way with members sitting where ever there are available seats. That is nice too as people meet new people in the process.

Dogs are an ever present part of the scene. They are allowed to come into restaurants etc. Strangely cats are not afforded the same courtesy! The dogs do seem to be very well behaved on the whole though.

Another difference in the way restaurants treat customers is that they don't push the customers to finish and leave the way restaurants do in the ‘States'. You will not be presented with your bill until you ask for it. If there are customers waiting for seats it is up to the customers already being served to take pity on them and leave. The restaurant personnel will not cause them to leave until they are ready to do so. That is nice, especially when there is no line waiting to be seated.

Walking, bicycles, inline skates and other forms of getting around other than by car are in use both as means of getting around and of getting exercise. There are walking paths everywhere, through fields and along the highways. People seem to always be making use of them, even in the rain! There are some beautiful sights to be seen just walking through the fields. Most fields have duck blinds somewhere in the field.

Of course there are the ancient castles and fortifications all over Germany. During this trip Roy will visit Austria and Switzerland as well as Germany. It will be an exciting and wonderful time with family and sightseeing for Roy. It will be a long, lonely time of waiting for Tigger.

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