62 Letter from Bonkers

Dear Tigger,

How are you doing little buddy? Mr Roy has been telling me all about you and you sound like a cat I would like to get to know. You sound like a real ‘cool cat'. He thought you might like to know what it is like here in Germany from a cats perspective and since I am a cat he thought I could do that better than he could. My name is Bonkers and Mr Roy's grandchildren live with me here in Germany.

Actually things aren't that much different here as far as cats are concerned. The cats here communicate with their tails, ears, whiskers and eyes very much the same with only a slight hint of an accent. Their vocal communications have more accent but is still very understandable. The funny thing is that they seem to think it is me that has the accent... imagine that!

They are really poor spellers here in Germany. They spell cats ‘katze' when everyone knows it is spelled ‘cats'. They misspell dog too... they spell that ‘hund'. Dog is really easy to spell and that isn't even close.

There are some really neat things here though. I like the little town we live in. I could walk all over the whole town in practically no time. There are cats and dogs all over the place. The dogs are even allowed to go into restaurants here. Dogs! Allowed in restaurants! That is outrageous don't you think? I think it is.

The hunting isn't as good here as it is where you are, I'm sure. There are lots of houses all around and not nearly as many open fields nearby for voles and field mice as in the country in Tennessee. I like the pictures of your house and yard. It looks like lots of room to play, climb and hunt. I would like to visit sometime and see how it is for myself. As for here, it is hard work to hunt. Other than that, things taste pretty much the same here as in Florida. I was disappointed about that. I thought there would be some difference to German food. The humans talk about how good German food is all the time... tastes pretty much the same to me.

As you can see, they build most of the houses right out to the sidewalk. The streets are very narrow and they park and sometimes even drive on the sidewalks here. Of course where you live they don't have sidewalks but they still build houses way back from the street... not here. I like the way the houses look, don't you? There are lots of things about the way they build houses that are different from how things are done in the States.

I used to love to sleep on something really comfortable with the sun warming me when I was in Tampa. It's the same here. I didn't expect the sun to be the same here but it seems to be just like it was in Tampa. I wonder how that could be. Anyway, I am glad because it sure feels good. I bet you like the same thing. I wonder if the sun is the same in Tennessee. Maybe it is the same all over the world.

Think you will ever travel over here? It would be nice to see you. Maybe some day when we all come back to the States I can come see you.

Take care of yourself little buddy. Don't worry, we are taking good care of Mr Roy for you. I know a month is a long time but it is already about half over and will be over before you know it. Drop me a line when you get a chance.

PS If you have a chance could you send me one of those kitty doors? I sure could use one! I have to wait all the time for someone with thumbs to come along and let me in or out. It is so demeaning... especially for a cat. I just try to act like I really don't care if someone lets me in or out. When someone opens the door I take my time about going in or out so they get the point that I really don't care... much. Since cats are so perfect I wonder why we don't have thumbs. We would rule the world if we did.

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