63 Letter from Tigger

Dear Bonkers,

Thanks for the letter telling me all about Germany. This is the first letter I have gotten from another cat. I get very lonesome here by myself even though Miss Karen helps me a lot and spends time loving on me when she can. I miss my big buddy an awful lot. What you said about the time passing helps make me feel better.

My girlfriend, Misty, has just had some kittens. Everyone has been very excited about it and they all are looking for the kittens to see what they look like. Miss Karen wants to know if any of them look like me... I wonder why? Anyway, they seem to think that we should know very soon. She saw one the other day and it looked like Misty. Of course it would look like Misty, she is it's mother. But then my mom and sister looked alike and I didn't look like either of them. I just don't know about all that stuff.

I like to sleep in the sun too. I hope the sun is the same there as it here because it's great here. I hate it when it rains day after day after day. It does that here sometimes. It has been much nicer outside lately and I am so glad. I can play in the yard a lot now.

I don't think I could walk all around where I live very easily but you are right, the hunting here is good. Funny how German food tastes like Florida food. I had never thought about it before but now that I do think about it... it seems odd it would be that way. Boy! You sure have gotten around. I never go anywhere but to the Post Office and the Vet's. I don't mind going to the Post Office but usually things happen I don't like very much when I go to the Vet's. Just

he same, neither place is very far from here and certainly not in a different country... at least, not that I know of. What is a different country anyway? When I climb really high up in the trees I can see just about the whole world. Maybe I can see you in Germany. Look around and if you see me up in a tree, wave to me and I will know where you are.
I can't imagine people driving and parking on sidewalks. Of course I can't even imagine sidewalks since we don't have them here. What really gets me is dogs going into restaurants! Now if I only knew what a restaurant was I'm sure I would be even more surprised. I can picture houses built right on the road though and I don't think I would like that as much as lots of yard around houses. I love playing in the yard and would really miss it if we didn't have one. What I really love most is the woods. I love to climb and there are tons of trees here to climb. I climb really high and go way out on the limbs.

I really appreciate you taking good care of my big buddy. He needs lots of taking care of and I worry about him when I can't be with him to do it. We cats have to stick together and do what needs to be done. They would be lost without us, you know.

I wish I could send you one of my kitty doors. The problem is that like you, I don't have thumbs. You need thumbs to work a screwdriver and I just can't do it. If I could, I would send you one in a heartbeat! Of course there would be the problem of packing it up too. You know how us cats love to play in boxes. Well, I am not too sure I could just pack something in a box... I would probably just play in the box.

Well, gotta go. Miss Karen said she would mail this for me. I guess there are a few things that people can to better than cats. Just don't tell any other cats that I said that.

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