66 A bad day on the mountain...

It was a normal enough week. All was in order... that is, until everything was grossily out of order! Roy all of a sudden fell prey to a strange disorder that appeared out of nowhere in the form of itching bumps all over his body. His hands were so swollen that he could not close his fists and his upper lip was swollen making it difficult to drink anything. He took benadryl and attempted to get some sleep at night. The intense itching and burning of the spots prevented much of that. In the morning he took more benadryl and tried to contact the clinic he normally uses which is located in Monteagle, TN, part way off of the mountain. He was unable to get through on the phone and neither could the operator. Making an appointment to get himself looked at was getting to be a problem.

At this very moment another problem became evident. Tigger, who had tangled with Misty about a week earlier over custody of Thomas, appeared with a dime size bleeding hole on his flank! Nothing to do but call and get an appointment to have Tigger see the Vet. Roy had hoped to get Tigger taken care of and then continue looking for medical help for himself.

On arrival at the Vet's he took Tigger into the examination room and Dr. Young came in to see about him. She looked at Roy and told him to leave Tigger there and go to a clinic there in McMinnville, which he did. At the clinic the staff looked at him as he was signing in and as a practiced chorus said in unison, "Go to the emergency room, NOW!" That is just what Roy did and was soon the proud owner of a shot and prescriptions for two medications. He picked up Tigger and together they made their way back up the mountain, each in his own misery.

It took some time for the shot to kick in. In the meantime Roy was suffering mightily. Tigger was feeling no better for his part. The two lay down to try to rest and hopefully, to feel better soon. Roy was idly rubbing Tigger's head and neck and drawing comfort from the weak purr that produced.

"We sure are a sorry looking pair, aren't we?" Roy said to Tigger.

"What do you mean... we...? You don't look so hot. I gotta look better than that!"

"I suppose you do. You really don't look real good though. I hope you feel better than you look."

"Actually, I don't feel too bad since Dr. Young took care of my wound. Those cats next door don't show me proper respect do they?" he said as he sniffed at his wound. He had been through this before and knew what it was all about.

"Well, you have to admit that Misty had cause to be mad. Not at you mind you but mad at us. We had her kitten, Thomas, remember? You were between her and her kitten and she was mad. I don't really blame her. I just wish you could have gotten out of the way in time to avoid getting bitten. I did notice that both times you have been wounded it is on your rear end."

"Well... I don't like to fight. I would rather be friends. When another cat chases me I try to get in the kitty door before they catch up with me. Those two times I didn't make it in time."

"Oh well... at least we are taken care of and on the mend. I hate to tell you that I will have to give you antibiotics for awhile. You are always so good about taking them that it makes me hate giving them to you even more."

"I know, that's why I am so good about taking them....."

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