69 The Great Yellow Hunter...

Early one morning Tigger was successful in catching a Vole near the woods in the back yard. However, instead of eating it, he brought it into the house where it promptly got loose. The chase was on! And what a chase it was! Even though I was on the phone at the computer I could easily follow the chase as it careened around the kitchen and dining room eventually changing venue into the living room and finally the bathroom. The Great Yellow Hunter lived up to his moniker and was victorious in the end... the end of the Vole that is. It was all quite exciting for a little while.

Tigger has added the roof of the house to his territory but needs assistance in getting down. I finally made a way for him to get down on his own as I was concerned that he would get up on the roof while alone and a thunder storm would hit while he was up there and unable to get down. Now he spends time on the roof, high above the dogs and other things that might bother him. He loves being as high as he can get.

He also enjoys being on the roof while I am installing the new roof. Actually his work ethic leaves something to be desired but he is good company just the same. He can lie peacefully very close to work and watch it all day. His staying power in that department is amazing! If only he would bring shingles up the ladder or distribute them where needed on the roof... oh well, he is good company.

Once again there will be an attempt to add a new kitten to the household. Tigger has not been too receptive to two attempts in the past. Thomas was just too wild to ever have worked out and Ebony was too small and helpless even

though she was two months old. She had been born premature and was very small and under developed. The new kitten is a black and white female from the same family that Tigger came from. She will be ready to give it a try about the middle of July. With special rangements being made to help them get acquainted it may work this time. Tigger should find another cat a good companion, especially when he is left alone for periods of time. Let's hope it works out this time.

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