71 A tiny Tigger Tail...

The question of compatibility between Tigger and Tiny has been answered. The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!'. Of course the question was ‘would they be compatible?' It was touch and go for quite some time but the wait was well worth it.

Now, it is time you got to know Tiny. She is a little girl and a very cute and loving little girl at that. She is a kind of strange looking kitten with one black leg (right hind leg) and a black smudge just to the right of her mouth. Her eyes were a blue grey... at times more blue and at other times, more grey. Now, they are a dark amber. She is black and white with a slash of grey hair diagonally across her back and grey on her right ear. The coloration is not symmetrical and her eyes are slightly crossed... but just a little bit. The effect is that it looks like she is really focused hard on you when she looks at you. God had fun coloring this one... and he didn't stay within the lines either!

Tiny began her life with Roy and Tigger living in a large cage with all the comforts of home, which afforded her security as Tigger had not yet accepted her into the house. She was allowed out of the cage from time to time and returned to it for protection when things got too rough. Gradually things got better and finally Tigger came to the conclusion that she was kind of nice to have around even if she does attack him all the time, maybe because she attacks him so often. On Wednesday August the 15th they slept together for the whole afternoon. A far cry from the hot pursuit and fierce attack that characterized the early encounters between them. Of course Tiny is now three times as big as she was when she first came to live with Tigger and Roy.

They must be avid movie buffs because they constantly play ‘Pink Panther' with Tigger playing the part of Inspector Clouseau to Tiny's Kato. Clouseau (Tigger) can't rest easy... ever... because the attack will surely come when he least expects it. It still gets a mite rough at times but is more and more ‘play' as time passes.

She loves to visit Roy while he is working on the computer. At times sleeping on the mouse pad, snuggled against the mouse. She seems completely unaware of the shame such actions bring to cats the world over.

Notwithstanding her sleeping next to the computer mouse, she is a very respectable representative of the cat family.

Erica did an excellent job of getting her used to people before she came to live with Roy and Tigger. She is very much a people cat... kitten. She prefers to be right with Roy wherever he is and whatever he is doing.

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