72 Big Tig and Tiny hiney...

Tigger & Tiny enjoy sitting at the front screen door and watching the traffic go by on the highway in front of the house. All sorts of things pass the house, cars, trucks, ambulances, tractors... all kinds of vehicles. They sat in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. Finally Tiny broke the silence.

"Hey Tigger?" Tiny called with great excitement in her voice.

"Yes, Tiny Hiney?" Tigger replied.

"There, you did it again. You and the big guy keep calling me ‘Tiny Hiney'. Why do you do that? she asked, forgetting all about what she wanted him for in the first place.

"Because you are."

"Because I'm what?"

"You are tiny and your hiney is really, really tiny. That's why."

"I'm not tiny, my name is ‘Tiny' and my hiney certainly isn't tiny either... what's wrong with my hiney... uh, what's a hiney anyway?" she huffed.

"Just look at yourself, you are way smaller than I am and your hiney is tiny. Your hiney is where your tail is attached and it is the very smallest hiney I think I have ever seen, even on a kitten.", Tigger said as he studied Tiny's rear end carefully.

Tiny tried to see what he was talking about in her reflection in the brass plate at the bottom of the front door.

"Well... it's the hiney my Mom gave me so it must be just the right size. She wouldn't have given it to me if it wasn't just right... I know, she is a great Mom, so there!" she said as she raised her nose in the air in an aristocratic manner and turned away as if to dismiss him.

Tigger couldn't let her get away with that. "Oh, I wouldn't say anything against your Mom. I guess she must be an exceptionally good mom... just look at how you turned out and getting you to turn out this good couldn't have been an easy job."

"What do you mean? I'm a great kitten. The big guy tells me that all the time." she replied with a little of the wind out of her sail.

"Thanks for asking but you earned the right. Besides, you are really tiny and need all the food you can get. Maybe eating a few mice will make you big and strong like me."

"Thanks... but I sure wish you wouldn't keep saying I am tiny. I am just the right the big guy says so. In fact he keeps telling me that I am getting really big and he might start calling me Big Tiny. So there!"

Big Tiny indeed! That will be the day. Tiny Hiney is much more like it!" Tigger huffed.

"If we don't pay attention to this hunt neither of will eat it. This is a quick one." Tiny said as she focused her attention back on the mouse.

In time the hunt ended successfully without them letting their visiting with each other interfere with the concentration required when hunting a really quick mouse. Tigger helped Tiny learn the proper method of eating mouse. He seems to relish the role of teacher and father figure ' to Tiny. He even grooms her at times. As Tiny, full to the brim, took to one of the little beds, Tigger groomed her until she was fast asleep. Boy, What a long way they have come in a short time after that early shaky start together. Tigger has fully accepted Tiny now

Eventually they both woke up and prepared to see what adventures lay ahead, for the rest of the day. Of course each nap ends with the beginning of the stretching ritual all cats go through.

"Hey Tigg!" Tiny called as she stretched her hind legs, one at a time..

"Yes Tiny Hiney?"

"There you go again... oh never mind. Hey, have you ever noticed the big guy stretching in the morning?"

You call that stretching? You would think he'd have seen us stretch enough to know how to do it properly. You know, he had a leg cramp on a hike the other day. Maybe if he learned to stretch properly he wouldn't have that problem."

"Why do you suppose he doesn't do it like we do?" Tiny asked.

"Well, humans do have one slight advantage over thumbs you but the just aren't nearly as smart as us of course, nothing else is as smart as a " Tigger said.

"Boy! You got that right!" Tiny agreed.

"I must admit you have turned into a much better kitten than I first expected. I didn't think there was any way you would work out. I didn't want you here at all. But, you do seem to have worked out pretty well... even if you do have a tiny hiney."

"Thanks... I think."

"Don't mention it. By the way, what was it you wanted.?" he asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I thought you were starting to ask me something... weren't you?"

"Uh... oh, I guess I was... ah... now I forget what it was. What were we talking about?"

"We weren't talking. We were sitting in silent contemplation watching the traffic go by."

"Oh yeah, I guess we were at that. Oh! Now I remember! Do you know how we can get the big guy to come running anytime we want him to?" she said with new excitement.

"No. How?"

"Know that box on the wall in the kitchen that he gets food out of? Well, all we have to do is make that annoying buzzing sound it makes and he will come running to get something out of it. Wouldn't that be fun?" she said as she danced around.

"You do have a devious mind in addition to a tiny hiney. I like that. Now... if only we could make that annoying sound." he replied with unshakable logic.

"Oh yeah! Well, what do you want to do?"

"I was thinking about taking a little nap. How about you?"

"Sounds great to me. Want to cuddle together?"

"Sure, OK by me. Let's go... tiny hiney."

Yep! It looks like things have worked out just fine. It took awhile but it finally worked out OK in the end. All the work was well worth while!

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