73 A letter to the Greene family...

The following was authored by one of my Grandsons, Daniel Greene (13 years old). He gave me this story as a Christmas present, one of the most wonderful Christmas presents I have ever received. I present it here for all of you to enjoy as well. Minimal editing has been done in reproducing it here.

Tigger and Tiny Tails
The Secret Cat Journals

Hello Greenes,

My skills on typing have improved to where I can now write a letter. Of course "the big guy" doesn't know. :)

Well I just wanted to talk to you on what's been going on over at the "big guy's house". Can you believe that he got a new cat! Yeah I know, how mean! Well she does have such a cute nose. Well that's not the point, she makes me so #!@$%?*$@#, what a cute nose AHH!! What's happening to me? Oh yeah, "the big guy" gave me and Tiny such a scare. He got sick and could've become kitty chow! How could he ignore all those signs like that? He would never let me or Tiny do that!

And then he goes and traps Tiny in a cage!! Isn't that a federal offense to cage up a cute, cute nose? Well things are getting really serious here, the birds and butterflies have united to torment me in a way that makes me want to scream! Oh don't think I won't tell you how the do this. They... FLY!!!!! Always flying, flying around cat calling me! Can you believe cat calling a cat! Well of course I try to stop them but this thing called GLASS keeps protecting them. So then I go through my special door to catch them but they are scared when they don't have GLASS to protect them, and they always and I mean always run, oops excuse me, they fly away!

Did you know how cold it gets up here? I think the second ice age has come because you can see your breath! And I swear I saw a frozen pooch! You know "the big guy" helps the army of birds and butterflies by feeding them, yeah, you heard right, he FEEDS THEM! He puts these "bird feeders" out and they contain food! I try to take them down but I can't reach them!

Oh nooo! "The big guy" is back from shopping... gotta go, bye!

Love Tiny & Tigger Jones :)

P.S. Don't tell the big guy I type, he gets all funny about me being near this thingiemacallit.

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