75 Tiny embarrassed...

It was the first day that really felt like Spring. The weather outside was truly beautiful and it was almost impossible to remain inside. Tiny was especially restless. She went in and out... in and out. She wandered all around the house as if looking for something and then would go back out again. This was following days and days of rain and both Tiny and I were suffering from cabin fever and more than ready for such a beautiful day! Finally Tiny went out and made her way to the woods to begin a full day of outside activities. Once outside she really didn't want to come back in. She even lay down behind a tree and took her afternoon nap. Meanwhile I did some chores outside and ran some errands and finally cut the grass.

Of course it was late afternoon when I finished all of that and Tiny still hadn't come in. I went to the edge of the woods and called for her. She finally came out from behind the tree, stretching and yawning, and came over to me but she was not as loving as usual.

"Tiny, you don't seem as glad to see me as usual. Is something wrong" I asked.

"Um... as a matter of fact, there is. Did you have to come out and call me like that?"

"Well, I did want to find you. I wanted to make sure you were OK. Is there something wrong with that?"

"There sure is! Did you have to call me like that in front of my friends? Thomas and Timothy are out in their yard and they saw and heard the whole thing you know!"

"So? What's wrong with that?"

"It's embarrassing, that's what's wrong with it!"

"Why should that be embarrassing for you? After all, I need to get your attention now and then you know."

"Have you ever heard anyone calling Thomas or Timothy in?"

"No. Actually I haven't. However, they don't live inside."

"Well, I know how to come in and I will come in when I need to be inside if you don't mind."

"Sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you like that. I just wanted to see you and know you were OK. You had been out for a long time you know. I know what... from now on when I want you to come in I will call Dana."

"Who's Dana?"

"Dana is that nice German Shepard dog in the enclosure at the edge of the woods next door. When you hear me calling Dana you will know to come in..."

"You would do that? Thanks. It means a lot. Hey, what happened to the yard?"

"Didn't you hear me cutting the grass?"

"So that was what that annoying noise was. You sure are annoying today, aren't you?"

"Now wait a minute. All I did was cut the grass and come to get you because I was concerned about you. Sorry that was all annoying to you. But, talk about annoying, there aught to be a law!"

"About what?"

"The grass growing so much so early! There aught to be a law against grass needing to be cut before the trees are even filled out!"

"Why don't you check with the Sheriff? Maybe he can help you."

"I did. He mumbled something about it being out of his jurisdiction or something like that... something about the laws of nature."

"Oh well... serves you right for making all that annoying noise while I was trying to sleep."

With that, Tiny was her usual loving self and began to rub against my my legs, making figure eights around my ankles and almost tripping me up. She couldn't help but wonder what would happen when I called Dana though. Wouldn't that confuse Dana? Oh well, she wasn't about to ask and risk messing up such a neat solution to her embarrassing problem.

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