76 Tiny isn't...

Strange as it seems, somehow Tiny has grown... a whole lot... almost overnight! She is now almost as large as Tigger was. Even her hiney is no longer tiny. She is also acting more and more like an adult cat. It may just be that she sees the new kittens as so juvenile and is acting more like an adult herself... but then, who know. Whatever the reasons, she is getting very large all of a sudden and acting very much like an adult cat... a very loving adult cat.

"Hey Tiny. Know what?" I asked one morning as I visited with Tiny in the yard, playing with a little frisbee.

"No, what?" she replied, a little annoyed.

"Your hiney isn't tiny any more. That honor now belongs to Misty. Her hiney is even smaller than yours ever was." I said..

"Whew! Thank goodness, at last. Now you won't be calling me Tiny hiney any more. Right?"

"Right. Not anymore. Of course ‘Misty hiney' doesn't sound quite the same does it?" What are we going to do about that?" I asked.

"Well, now, what indeed? Misty tiny hiney? Tiny hiney Misty? Tiny Misty hiney? What the heck, I will even let you call her ‘tiny hiney' if you want to." she said as she did figure eights around my ankles.

"Well now, that is ‘big' of you. I think ‘Tiny hiney Misty' is probably the best solution for this little, pardon the pun, problem. Tiny hiney Misty it is. Sure you don't mind passing that little nick name on to Misty?"

"Are you kidding? Of course I don't mind. However, in a way, I sort of liked you calling me ‘Tiny hiney' but now that I think about it I think it was mainly that I just liked you calling me. I always like it when you call me anything as long as you call me. It makes me feel kinda warm and nice inside. You won't stop calling me if you aren't calling me ‘Tiny hiney' will you?" she asked..

"Oh, of course not! I never called to you just to say ‘Tiny hiney' you know. I called to you because I love you and wanted to let you know it or just to get your attention for something."

"Oh. Maybe that's why it always made me feel all warm and good inside. Do you suppose that's how Misty will feel when you call her that?" she said with a little concern in her voice.

"I don't know but it fits her hiney. I thought I had seen a tiny hiney when you came to live with us but hers is ever so much smaller than yours ever was." I said.

"Hey! Wait a minute! Are you saying that I have a big hiney now?"

"Oh no! That isn't what I'm saying at all. I am just saying that it isn't really tiny any more. Your hiney is just the right size now. You're one fine looking cat! Just go look at yourself in the mirror if you don't believe me. You look wonderful and I love you so very much. Fluffy and Misty love you too."

"Maybe they do but I still don't know about having them here. Why didn't you ask me about it before you moved them in here? Didn't you ever think that maybe I would prefer to live here with just you and me?"

"As a matter of fact I did think about that and decided that we really needed another cat here for you to cuddle with and all that stuff. I got two kittens so that they would have a companion to play with as they grew up and wouldn't pester you too much. I thought you would appreciate that... I hope you do." I said.

"Well, uh... yeah, I do appreciate that, I guess. I just don't know about them yet. Maybe in a little while I will like having them here more."

"I sure hope so. Dr. Lynda Young says it takes about two weeks for cats to accept new members of the family and it is just over a week now. Does that mean that by the end of this week you will love having them here?" I asked.

"Wait a minute! I am not making any kind of promise like that! I will like them when I like them and not a day sooner! I don't hate them, I just am not real sure about them yet... OK?'

"Fair enough. Just remember, the expert says that by the end of this week..."

"Yeah, well, we will just see who the expert is about this..."

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