77 Moving right along...

Time flies when you are having fun... we must be having lots of fun! The new girls are doing just fine. They are completely at home in their new home. You would think they had lived all their lives here. They have found just about all the little places they can cram themselves into and all the fun things to get into. However, they still have not been able to get really close to Tiny to play or snuggle. That situation is improving at a steady pace and even though the two weeks expected to resolve that matter is up tomorrow and it is not likely that will be the end of the ‘getting used to each other' period, it should not be too much longer.

Misty is still wanting to be a baby. She would suck her thumb but found to her dismay that she has none. Not to worry though, she is resourceful. She ‘nurses' from Fluffy! Not really of course since Fluffy can't help her in that department, but she gets a bunch of hair anywhere on Fluffy's body and sucks on that in place of the thumb she lacks. Fluffy seems satisfied playing the part of ‘Mother cat' for Misty. Oh well, Misty is still a baby! Fluffy would make a great mother cat if she were allowed to have a litter.

Yesterday I was in the yard near Tigger's grave when Tiny came out of the woods to join me. She settled on top of the grave and we visited for a little while. I talked to her about Tigger and how much I miss him. When I went back in the house Tiny remained on the grave. About half an hour or so later I noticed she was still there and that now Thomas had joined her. She stayed there for another quarter hour or so, even after Thomas had left. She misses Tigger too!

The kittens are confused because Tiny doesn't want to play or cuddle with them yet. I keep telling them that she will in time but they just have to allow her to get to that point in her own time. Actually, there have been some really good signs that Tiny is getting more at ease with them as time goes by. A good example is she accepted them up on her little ‘bed' on top of a pair of fold away beds in a spare bedroom. There are some extra covers placed on top of the folded up bed so that she can get high and safe in a comfortable bed. Fluffy and Misty joined her for a nap recently and she didn't chase them off.

They not only want to be close to Tiny, they also want to do what the big cat does. They watch her all the time and will often try to do what she does. They really would prefer to be snuggled up to her but know it isn't time for that. They just find it hard to understand why it isn't time for that yet.

As I visited with Tiny I brought up the subject with her.

"Hey, Tiny. I have been wondering. It is only two days till the two weeks Dr. Young said it usually takes for new cats to get along together is up. Are you going to be to that point in just two more days?" I asked.

"I told you the other day that you might think Dr. Young is the expert on these matters and I am sure she knows a lot about cats, but we will just see who the expert is. I will be ready when I am ready and not a moment before... so there!" she huffed.

"I can respect that. I am just curious because the kittens are really confused. I keep telling them it has nothing to do with how good they are, what good kittens they are. It is just a cat... thing. It is just a cat... thing, isn't it?"

"Yes, just a cat thing... thing. They are kinda cute and all that. You must remember that it took Tigger a really long time to get used to me, you know. He used to thump me on the head all the time and I never thump them on the head. Don't I get credit for that?" she replied.

"Of course you do. You have been good enough with them. I notice that when you act like you are going to smack them with your paw you don't have your claws out and you don't actually hit them either. Thank you for being so considerate like that. Your are such a good cat."

"And don't you forget it! Now just keep your shirt on, I will ease up on them when I feel right about it and like I say, we will just see who the expert is about when that will be."

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