78 Two weeks with the kittens...

Well, two weeks have now passed since the kittens came to live with us. As you may recall, Dr. Lynda Young said it should take about two weeks for a cat to accept new members of the ‘family' so today should be the day Tiny accepts the kittens... right? Well, lets see if that's the case.

"Hey, Tiny. Know what day this is?" I asked Tiny.

"No. As a matter of fact, I don't know what day this is and moreover, I don't believe I care." Tiny replied.

"Oh but you should. It is exactly two weeks since Fluffy and Misty came to live with us. That means that today you should fully accept them and be comfortable with them around... maybe even play and cuddle with them."

"Yeah, now I remember. Well, don't count on it. Remember, I said I should be the expert on this matter. I must admit they are kinda cute... sometimes. Boy they sure have lots of energy! I do like how cute they look when they are sleeping though. Why don't they sleep all the time. I could live with that."

"Oh come now. You know perfectly well that when you were a kitten you acted the same way and Tigger accepted you. What is it that bothers you about the kittens?"

"Well, for starters, they don't understand tail language. I switch my tail to tell them to back off and give me space. What do they do? They try to play with my tail. They are cats aren't they? They should understand simple tail language."

"No, they aren't cats. They are kittens and I guess they haven't learned tail language yet. You could teach them you know. You switch your tail telling them to back off but they only see it say ‘Look, I am a fuzzy toy and want you to play with me.' right?"

"I have been speaking tail language all my life and I have never seen a tail say that... at least I don't remember seeing one say that."

"Oh but you did. Tigger would get most outdone with you for doing just what they are doing with you. Don't you think you could give them a little slack and help them learn to understand tail language?"

"That sounds easy but you don't know what it is like to be a cat. It isn't that simple. I have been a little easier on them the last few days you know."

"Oh, I know. I've been watching very carefully and am very pleased with what I'm seeing. I saw you sleeping in the dining room this morning with both of them pretty close. I could tell they wanted to cuddle up with you and sleep with you but they were afraid to try it."

"And they were right to be afraid. I wouldn't have liked it if they had climbed in the bed with me. I still need my space. Like I said, we will just see who is the expert on this matter. What is the big deal about cuddling with me anyway?"

"I seem to remember you sneaking up on Tigger when he was sleeping and cuddling with him."

"Well, that was me cuddling with Tigger. He was special."

"Indeed he was. But you are special too, especially to the kittens."

"Really? They think I am special? How perceptive of them. Maybe I should ease up on them a little if they really think I am special."

"Of course they do. They are really smart kittens even if they haven't mastered tail talk yet. They know a special cat when they see one and they see one in you. Now, what about that two week period? Are we over the ‘get acquainted' period now?"

"I thought you would have forgotten about that. I don't know. We will see. As I said, it will happen when it happens and not a moment before."

"OK, I will give you the tail thing... what else is wrong?"

"I'll tell you what... um... another thing wrong is... uh... well another thing is... Well! Some other things... that's what!"

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