79 A delemma...

The two weeks of anticipated ‘get to know each other' time have passed and things are going better than could be expected. However, there is much more to be done. Although it isn't really a concern and I continue to try to make it happen any way I can. One such way is to spend a lot... a whole lot of time with Tiny to make sure she doesn't think the kittens are taking her place. One morning we visited and discussed this and other matters of importance both of us.

"Hey, pretty Tiny, whatcha think of the kittens now that they have been here for two weeks?"

"Now that sounds a lot better. ‘Pretty Tiny' sounds a lot better than ‘Tiny Hiney'... thanks. What do I think of the kittens? Well, now I know what they mean by ‘the terrible twos'!"

"What do you mean? They are only nine weeks old."

"There are two of them... right?"

"OK, OK. They are a little rambunctious now and then."

"A little! A LITTLE! They are a lot rambunctious... a LOT of the time. They re-arrange the house all the time. They tear around the house like demons! They climb everything they can! They... they... well, they do everything. They make my head spin! All that fighting stuff."

"You mean they do just like you did when you first came to live here? Besides, they aren't really fighting. They are play fighting like all kittens do."

"I couldn't have been that bad... was I?"

"Oh? Now let me think. There was only one of you but since you did almost as much damage as the two of them have, I would have to say you were at least as bad about that as they are and maybe a little worse. But, neither you nor they are really bad. You were just a kitten and did what kittens do, so are they. Doesn't that make it a little easier to accept them?"

"I don't know. Two of them? You had to get two of them?"

"Yes, two of them. Would you rather we gave one of them away?"

"Yeah, yeah... that sounds like a great idea. Can we do it, can we?"

"OK, let's think about this for a minute. If we were to give one of them away, which one would we give away and why?"

"That's easy. Misty, because, because... uh... ah... Ok, Fluffy because... because... uh... Ok, Ok... we have to keep both of them. I gotta admit they are kinda cute. I just don't feel right about them yet. Give me a little more time. I am doing better, right?"

"Yes pretty Tiny, you sure are. I am very pleased with how things are going so far. However, I do watch your tail you know and I notice it is flying hight even when they are close to you. Are you trying to fool me into thinking you don't like them yet?"

"Now, would I do that to you?"

"Your tail can't fib you know."

"Oh, Uh... well... maybe I am getting to like them... just a little. Only a little though... I don't like them a lot yet... just a little... They can be just a little bit cute at times... when they are very still..."

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