81 Tiny flies...

Fluffy came running into the living room yelling for Misty, "Misty, Misty come quick! Guess what Tiny just did. She flew! Can you believe that? She actually flew. I saw her do it. Boy, what a cat! I thought only birds flew, didn't you? Come watch her, she may do it again."

Of course Misty wouldn't believe that and neither would Roy. Cats can't fly, can they?

"Now Fluffy, don't exaggerate so. We all know that cats can't fly. Birds fly, insects fly, bats fly, airplanes fly... cats don't fly.", Roy said.

"I mean it. I did see Tiny fly. She was sitting on the floor and all of a sudden she just floated up onto the freezer. I saw her do it. I did, I really did see her do it with my very own eyes.", Fluffy said.

"Did you really? She really did fly?", Misty asked.

"I did! I really did. It was wonderful. I wish I could do that. Just think of all the places we could get to if we could fly like Tiny.", Fluffy responded.

"Now, now. I know just what you're talking about. Tiny does it so easily that it really does look like she is flying. She isn't really flying though. She just jumps up with so little effort that it looks like she is just floating up from the floor from a sitting position like she is lifted up by invisible wings. You two will be able to do that before long you know.", Roy explained.

"We will? Really? When can we start?", Misty asked.

"The way you two are growing I would say not too long now. Both of you are growing so fast. You eat a lot, sleep a lot and play real hard a lot. All of those things make you grow big and strong and when you get big enough and strong enough you will be able to jump high like Tiny.", Roy said.

"That's all we have to do? Eat, sleep and play? That's how cats get to fly?", Fluffy asked.

"Well, like I said, Tiny doesn't really fly. What she is doing is jumping but she can jump really high and she does it so easily that it looks like she is flying. But, yes, that is how you do it. Just keep eating a lot and sleeping a lot and above all, play really hard a lot and you will get big and strong. You are doing it all the time and I can see you growing and how strong you are getting. You should be able to fly... uh, I mean jump really high before long.", Roy replied.

"Oh boy! I'm gonna take a nap right now.", exclaimed Fluffy.

"Me too, right after I eat some more. And when we wake up we can play really hard.", Misty said as she dashed for the food bowl and attacked it with more than her usual vigor.

"That's an even better plan!", Fluffy said as she joined Misty at the food bowl.

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