7. Attack, attack!

As I came around a corner and startled Tigger he reacted by hunching hisAttack! back,tail looped down in an inverted U and danced back and forth sideways on his toes. I couldn't help but laugh. He does that every time I come on him unexpectedly.

"Tigger! What on earth are you doing? Do you really want to attack me?" I asked.

"Of course not. Why would I want to attack you?" he replied as he relaxed with his tail back up like an antenna.

"I can't think of any reason but you do that attack stuff every time I surprise you."

And attack again"I didn't know it was you. If I had known it was you I wouldn't have done it. It is just the way we cats react when we are startled. You know... it's a cat.... thing."

"Think about it Tigger. Only two of us live in this house. When you see someone and it isn't you it has to be me... right?" I reasoned.

"Well... I guess you are right but I can't help it when all of a sudden you are there and I didn't expect anyone. Better safe than sorry is what I believe. If by some chance it isn't you I will be ready to take care of myself you know." he countered.

"By the way, there are some other issues I have meant to ask you about. Every now and then you see your tail and attack it. There is only one cat in the house so any tail you see has to be your own. Why do you attack it?"

"Well... uh... ah... just to... I don't.... well it's my own tail.... I can do what I want to with it can't I?"

"I suppose you can. I was just curious why you do it. In fact, I have seen you do the same to your hind legs."

"Well... uh... they are way at the other end... you never know..."

"I noticed you are having problems doing some of the things you used to do...

Getting bigger getting into places you used to get..."

"I know. The house seems to be getting smaller all the time. Had you noticed that?"
"No... that isn't the problem. You are getting bigger, you are growing up."

"Whew! I thought almost everything else was getting smaller. Why am I getting bigger?"

"Well, mostly from all the food you eat. You eat an awful lot of food you know. That makes you grow big and strong."

"Really? Thanks for all the food. Know what I like most?"

"From the way you attack it I would say you like chicken best. Am I right?"

"Yeah, you sure are. I like tuna too and the canned cat food. The dry stuff is OK, especially since I can eat that anytime I want."

"I noticed you do eat a lot of it. You are getting heavy and very strong. You can jump real high. I love to watch you run and jump."
"Thanks, I am pretty strong aren't I. I love running and jumping. It feels so good." he said as he admired his reflection in the brass plate at the bottom of the front door. He was obviously very proud of himself.

"You said 'almost everything else' was getting smaller. What did you mean?"

"Well you don't seem to be getting smaller."

"It looks to you like I'm not getting shorter?" I asked.

"I didn't say anything about shorter... I said you aren't getting smaller." heVisiting explained.

"I don't understand... not shorter but not smaller either?"

He patted my stomach with a paw, "What about your stomach....?"

"Uh... ah... well... "

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