Letter 7

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Dear Tigger Tail fans,

By now you know that Tigger was killed last Monday night. It has been a rough few days for Tiny and me. However, this morning Tiny was playful again for the first time since Tigger left us. For the last few days she has spent her waking time looking for Tigger and has not been interested in playing at all. It is great to see her playful again. I will see what I can do about getting her a companion as soon as possible. There will never be a replacement for Tigger but Tiny is such a social kitten that she should have another cat with which to socialize.

Tiny discovered Tigger's grave this morning and I saw her investigation it. She would rub against the concrete blocks I placed on top of the grave to keep animals from digging. She lay on the blocks and flopped around on her back and continued to rub her cheeks on the blocks. She obviously knows he is there and probably just wonders why he isn't joining her in play. I really will have to get a companion for her. I think she will be a good ‘mother' to a new kitten if only I can find a suitable one for her.

Tigger had a very good last day. I got several pictures of them that day which really are typical of just about all of their days. Tigger and I had several really long visiting times during the day where he lay on my chest and we just visited. We both loved doing that. He had his favorite treats several times during the day and evening and spent time cuddled with Tiny and grooming her. The weather was nice and he spent a lot of time in the woods which was one of his favorite activities. All in all, it was another great day in his life of great days.

I have no idea what caused him to go into the road. He may have been running from something. Whatever happened, he was struck by a car or truck during the night but was not disfigured at all. When I found him I almost expected him to get up and come to me even though I really knew better. There was only a little bit of blood on the pavement at his mouth, the only visible sign of his injures.

I have received messages from around the world, Switzerland and Germany and from all corners of the United States and they all mean so much to me. A number of them have commented on the fact that he had a short but very special life and touched so many through the stories about him. I only wish the stories could really convey what he was to me. There will be other cats as with Tiny, but never another quite like Tigger.

I hope to complete the ideas that I have had for more Tigger Tails at some time in the future. I want to introduce Tiny and bring Tigger through the rest of his life and hand it off to Tiny. Maybe after there is another kitten and some time has passed. I want to be able tot get into writing without such a feeling of loss. That would hinder the lighthearted approach I want to use in the stories. I think Tiny will be a worthy bearer of the torch for carrying on the tradition Tigger got started. Tigger really did get it all started. It was his actions and attitude way back as a kitten watching me clean the bird feeders that sparked it all.

Take care... love to all,

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